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It is said that there are many benefits of using artificial grass for roof. The most prominent is to reduce the urban heat island effect, and  residential artificial turf   cool the building from 3 to 7 ℃ in summer, thus saving 50-70% of the air conditioning.In addition, the green roofs also absorb pm10, purify air, prolong the service life of the building...  Japan: in Tokyo, every new building covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, the roof must be 20% for the green vegetation....
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If someone mention artificial grass, people will think of football, and then think of 2018 FIFA Word Cup. Since the 90s, the artificial grass is being known with the time past. How many people know the common sense of artificial grass and artificial putting green.  Artificial turf is shaped like natural lawn, but has no vitality. It has widely used in football field, tennis courts, baseball, hockey, golf, basketball and all kinds of sports. Artificial turf is not only beautiful, but also have other....
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How to choose residential flooring? How to choose household flooring when your flooring need to renovate? There are some new material flooring such as vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring or some traditional ceramic tile, wood flooring, etc. What are some of the characteristics of all kinds of flooring? By comparing the various advantages and disadvantages of the flooring, you can choose the best project for your home decoration. Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring is a kind of new environmental materials.The....
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If you want to know the effect of vinyl flooring, you have to know the products quality, but also need to know the construction ground condition. Of course, the level of the construction personnel is very important. Even if you have a good wear-resisting products-acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, antibacterial and so on, if the construction level is bad, the effect of the project as a whole will look worse. When you choose high quality vinyl flooring, you need to choose the....
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Did you encounter that wood flooring has formaldehyde to damage health before you know vinyl flooring? When your wood flooring was out of shape after flooding and crazing;When wood flooring can't afford to wear resistant; When your flooring is not slippery to make your family hurt; When the noise from your flooring to affect your rest, have you taken consider about vinyl flooring? Indeed, when we use the wood flooring, there is too much bitterness. With the development of science and technology, we have....
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Indoor putting green for roof Generally speaking, it is a leisure sport project afternoon tea time, which can improve the value of house. Indoor putting greens has no necessary to take maintenance, but still keep green, so customers could enjoy sports on the roof.   According to same steps to install artificial putting green, indoor putting green can penetrate water naturally. Comparing with natural grass, because of the smooth curve design, the foot feels soft and landscaping effect is better.....
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