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We provide access to established language schools around the world for those who are going to study a foreign language abroad.

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Smart 4K TVs Smart 4K TVs have broken into our lives. After experiencing such a high-resolution gadget you hardly ever going to roll back to a full HD one not even mentioning 640-resolution dinosaurs our grannies admired at their time. Now what are the advantages of 4K television? The screen size is typically bigger so you enjoy an extended-family watching. The colors are vivid and bright. Well you may say this is related to most modern TVs and you are right, but buying a 4K TV you can be sure you get perfect....
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Demand for Russian coins Russian coins are currently enjoying an unprecedented period of demand. With the recent collapse of the Russian economy, many gold and silver Russian coins were either sold on the black market or melted down for their precious metal worth. Now with the Russian economy slowly returning back to its former glory, many people are again searching for top quality Russian coins. In the last year alone, collectible Russian coin prices have risen by 100%. Prices are still much lower than those of American or English....
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Thoughts about South Africa A South African Account (finished 13.06.2015) Author: Alvaro Vallve I have been asked a couple of times by SAns about my opinions about SA. I think I'm qualified to give a general evaluation on the subject, for my goal in visiting that country in the first place was to make a screening of its social and political situation as thoroughly as was possible. I had the luck of having well informed teachers from different backgrounds and lots of time for discussions, I had the pleasure of meeting people from....
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Study foreign language abroad Study languages abroad  Hello, are you about to study a foreign language abroad ? Foreign Language World provides access to established language schools worldwide. Our Language Advisers are online to make your best language experience. We do not charge you anything an addition to what you pay to the school and our main purpose is to assist you in preparing your language trip .
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