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: build a career as graphic designer. Design for mobile sites & tablets.
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Top 5 tips for designing images & graphics for mobile sites


With the broad range of mobile devices available in the market, designing effective graphics for mobile sites is an in-demand career option. Organisations are looking for graphic designers who understand the dynamics of mobiles & tablets, and can design graphics & images as per their screen size. We give you the top five tips to create effective images that will look great on all the mobile phone & tablet formats available out there.


Design for various resolutions

Mobile & tablet resolution is smaller than a PC or a laptop. In fact, every mobile & tablet comes with its independent resolution depending on the number of features that it offers/supports. Therefore, a graphic designer needs to create images to suit different devices in the market. Since it is very difficult to dictate the platform from which a user may visit your website, it is advisable to create graphics that would adjust to all screen resolutions.


Keep your files small

When you design for mobile devices, be sure to remember that not everyone has a 3G connection. The images used on the pages must be small in size in order to avoid delay in load time. Also, it is important to remember that web browsers of mobiles & tablets have smaller cache sizes. Thus, it is better to avoid multiple images of more than one megabyte on your pages.


Use .png as your preferred file format

The image file format that you choose determines how usable your images could be on selected platforms. Instead of .gif or, the more popular, .jpeg use the .png file format to get that extra colour depth. It is a fully lossless file format with variable transparency. It comes with up to 254 levels of partially transparent pixels that allow users to take complete advantage of alpha transparency.


Optimise your colours

Smartphones are very different when it comes to colour support. A phone that has 65,000 colours will display quite a different image than the one that can be seen in a smartphone that offers 16 million colours. A graphic designer needs to make sure that the colours used are commonly available on all mobiles & tablets.


Use relative pixel sizes

If you are going to allow devices with different screen resolutions to access your website, you are going to have to forget defining dimensions in absolute pixels. For instance, if you set a width of 300 pixels, that would take up more than the entire screen on certain devices. Rather than setting up absolute sizes, it is advisable to set up relative sizes. This can be done using percentages instead of absolute numbers in the image size boxes.


With mobiles & tablets becoming common platforms for internet browsing, you can earn high salary packages as a graphic designer. The right training can prepare you to build a successful career as a graphic designer.


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