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Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular these days as one of the most preferred destinations for expats.
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Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular these days as one of the most preferred destinations for expats. In fact during the recent years, the country is identified among the safest places to live and work. Some of the attractions the country holds for foreigners include the ideally suitable weather conditions for humans, low cost living, a vibrant culture of the inhabitants, and the gradual and encouraging growth in the country’s infrastructure that makes life a pleasurable and convenient experience.  

Cost of Living
When compared to most other countries, Vietnam has a low cost of living for the expats. With a moderate spending, you can hope to enjoy a comfortable living in Vietnam.  Also, you can come across a variety of accommodations in the country suiting all kinds of requirements and budgets. The range of facilities you can choose from include up-market apartments of the sophisticated cities to the modest houses in the suburbs.

Eating choices
Expats say that there is a phenomenal difference in the cost when the local foods and western foods are compared. If you are prepared to manage eating at the local restaurants and bars, then you can hope to get good food at a highly reasonable price. On the other hand, most western bars and restaurants are quite expensive. As is the case with many Asian cities, beer and spirits are very cheap here, but wine is quite expensive.

Vietnamese is the official language of the country. To be able to life comfortably in this country, it is better that you acquire some basic skills in this language which is not very tough to learn. The inhabitants love foreigners talking in Vietnamese. However, it is not uncommon to find people who can interact in English and if you do not know any other language than English, you should not find living difficult here. In addition, the other languages that are popular here include French, Chinese and Khmer.

Useful information
Cities like Hanoi and Vinh are international hotspots where you will find a big expat populace. Once you are here, you can be prepared for an exciting intercultural experience. Exploring the countryside like Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with the magnificent caves and grottoes, witnessing Vietnamese celebrating T?t Nguyên Ðán, relishing Vietnam’s favorite cuisines like bánh xè are incomparable experiences indeed.

Some concerns to living in Vietnam
While there are wonderful advantages to living in Vietnam, there are also some downsides the expats feel in the country. The country roads are highly polluted with the fumes from the vehicles of all kinds. It is very common to find most people wearing masks to avoid inhaling the dirty fumes from cars and bikes. Secondly, the high traffic noted on the roads is an additional alarm signal that puts people away. While the roads are crowded with the fleets of vehicles of all kinds, the road fatality rates in the country is noted to be the highest in the world. Once you have the right spirit to put up with these issues and make a decent living in the country, you are sure to enjoy your life at this nature’s paradise.   

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