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If your website does not rank on the first page of a search results you loose the opportunity to engage 60% of your keyword traffic
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What to do about a poor performing website Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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investmart007 on Friday, October 9, 2015, 11:50:18, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [3]
What to do about a poor performing website
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What to do about a poor performing or ranking website

As the Internet continues to grow at unpreseded speeds, the success of the Internet is making it increasingly difficult for new or small websites to be found in organic search results.  It is estimated that a website that does not rank on the first page will miss engaging 60% of the traffic.  Therefore, if your website is not ranked in the top 10 or on the first page, your website will more than likely not be seen.  That being the case why would you own a website?  A website will be considered either an asset or a liability.  If it is an asset, congratulations.  However, if it is a liability, you need to take action to correct the issue or it will continue to cost you money rather than make you money.

The most common mistake (s) of web designers are poor or missing title tags, meta description, lac of proper content, excessive graphics or worse, failing to index the site with the major search engines.  

If you want a high ranking website it takes time and money.  However, it doesn't take as much money as some SEO consultants charge.  The most common reason for needing SEO services is poor web design.  A quick analysis by a "qualified SEO consultant or professional web designer" can easily identify common errors that will cause a website to rank poorly.  After learning about the errors, evaluate whether you should SEO your website or hire the services of a professional web designer to build a new "search engine friendly" website.  

Hopefully, a few minor changes is all it will take to improve your rankings.  If not and you need a new website, make sure the web designer knows how to properly build a "search engine friendly" website or you will not improve your situation.  You should ask a few simple questions to see if they actually know what they are doing.  Ask them to explain what Visibility Score is.  If they do not know or stumble while they make up a great complicated line of BS, do not hire them.  If they do by chance know, ask them for references with current Visibility Scores on each site.  If they cannot pass this simple test; RUN!  Continue looking for a qualified web designers.

A professional web designers job is not done once the website is launched

Once your website is rebuilt or a new site is launched, there are certain things that a web designer should do as part of his job and if they care about your business.  (1) index the site with the major search engines (2) provide at least a few links to assure that the search engines continually find and crawl the site and properly index it (3) make recommendations about how to improve traffic (4) provide you with a report that shows the current Visibility Score (5) ongoing monitoring of the site to make sure that it is constantly up and running as it should and report to you how consumers are searching and finding the website in order to improve its rankings using those targeted keywords.  

Naturally, there is more, however, this is an article rather than a book.  I am the founder and General Manager of WebTech Group.  We provide professional "search engine friendly" web design, SEO services, press release distribution, social media posting services known as ePostings, mass email marketing and more.  

If you have read this article and interested in knowning the Visibility Score of your website contact us.  For taking the time to read this we will provide a free analysis and ongoing monitoring for up to 3 months.  We guarantee that we can make a difference in your online visibility and traffic. There is nothing more financial rewarding than owning a high ranking website.  If you have any questions please email or call (417) 529-1133.


2 Yaers Ago via skorpion47   Thursday, December 10, 2015  
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2 Yaers Ago via skorpion47   Thursday, December 10, 2015  
isn't social media doing it better?
2 Yaers Ago via Emma   Monday, October 19, 2015  

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