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During my 7 years experience of office job, I have face multiple issues. Some issues were dissolved as I was new or I improved or I asked my supervisor about the problem solution. In this article I have described about issues, that are common to newbies, team building, synchronization between different departments and intellectual issues.
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BaoBurnette on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 17:06:55, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
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Number 1: Getting into the office

Whenever you joined a new office, you will met with multiple strangers at the same time. As the friendship bounds are already established, you can't make place in the ranks easily. This is bad, if the office environment is badly supervised by the company or the new-comers hesitate to ask the supervisor about the issues.

Number 2: Communication Barrier

Every one is not good gifted, during my 4th year, I realized many talented people, who hesitate to ask about issues or solutions to the problems. The simple solution is to give those guys confidence. It is severe in the IT companies, as you have to learn, get access, daily updates and other issues. If you are a perfect speaker, you still can't get the confidence easily.

Number 3: Team Building

Team is the important human resource production part of the whole process. Everyone of us, has faced the issue. Teams are built up by number of people with different behaviour, work styles, intelligence level. And going forward without a team is not possible. This put the pressure on the team lead or team supervisor. Anyhow, this issues has affected every person once during the lifetime.

Number 4: Dependency

Most of the times, in order to perform, you need input from certain people from the certain position of the company. Example is, if you are working as developer, you have to have all the required sources. But sometimes, the administrator can't provide (due to various reasons) and you can't work for a day or two. In big companies, where different departments have to collaborate with each to perform certain tasks, sometimes, some issues can't be easily go forward due to dependency from other teams.

Number 5: How to Say Yes/No

Sometimes, you can't simply do anything as your supervisor is asking. Saying No, is the most common issue, as it involved the proper line of command, and practical possibilities. 

Number 6: Asking for leave

Most of times, companies has the policy of vacations, but asking your boss about vacations is difficult and workers hesitate to ask.


These issues can easily be tackled by concurrent collaboration, proper understanding of physical constraints and helping each others. Companies arrange sportal activities to overcome the barriers, annual functions to know more about requirements of its employes, annual vacations, bonuses, free lunch or dinner etc. In the end, it is the job of HR team and supervisor to see about the office environment.

This article is written by FeFowble, she has worked as HR admin at Micro-Chol, HR head WallS solutions. She left the job in 2013,  and recently launched her recent entrepreneur startup company iGB, which focus toward micro-business administration and advertising.


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