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What makes a good SharePoint Analyst?

With SharePoint, Such a new technology and the unique skill sets required in the SharePoint Analyst role that has become a  role to encompass many different skill sets. But what is a SharePoint analyst and does the Analyst role of SharePoint  Differ from a more traditional business analyst?

To me, the SharePoint Analyst role is a unique combination of knowledge of the platform, business sense, and interpersonal  relationships. Someone who is comfortable in technical details but end users training equally at ease or explaining the tangible returns to business executives.

Personally, I think  This role developed because of the difficulty in finding good SharePoint resources. It seems that everyone who has SharePoint experience is not only expected to be with the technical side of the family but becomes the road to the person for all SharePoint activities related to an organization.

What makes SharePoint Analyst different from a "traditional" BA?

Working with SharePoint When there is a fine line between the "normative" and "descriptive" approach. While a traditional business analyst will ask a customer what their needs of SharePoint Analyst should balance with the capabilities that offer the platform and how it can be leveraged for the most efficiently Objectives Satisfy Companies. This does not mean that the user's requirements are not met, or capacity will be the platform that put ahead of the business needs.

However, SharePoint offers a multitude of business solutions, with varying degrees of complexity at several levels: such as deployment, architecture, development and customization needs. What SharePoint Analyst To have an appreciation.

A good SharePoint Analyst will always seek to obtain maximum commercial value from the various components that SharePoint offers. Remember that SharePoint can be considered a product and platform two, the most successful SharePoint analysts will balance the time, budget and scope to determine the approach to the most successful solution.

Knowledge of the platform

For better or worse a good SharePoint analyst must have some knowledge of the multitude of possibilities that SharePoint offers. Some appreciation of the configuration of the box, knowledge of the development of infrastructure and experience.

This does not mean that the SharePoint analyst is a master of all of these skills, or can even perform them. But the SharePoint analyst needs to know the "what" of the platform, not so much the "how"

The "what" refers to what the platform can do and what it can not, and where the line is between configuration, customization, and development. The "how" is the deep vertical technical knowledge that is the kingdom of so many bright people in the community.

Now, the reason for the SharePoint analyst This need for extra knowledge is twofold. First of all, SharePoint is a platform so in theory it can be molded to do whatever you want, but does not mean estate it should. Secondly being reliable to guide conversations around high value, low-risk alternatives to heavy customization can bring incredible value. I'm sure

EndUserSharePoint that the public appreciates more than most estate. If you can help your customer understand that a small tweak in a business process can reduce the complexity of the solution by an order of magnitude you will have both happy users and a high return on investment for your customer.

But there are times when customizations will be needed. A needs SharePoint Analyst in order to knowledge platform manage users' expectations of complexity This might involve. With so much SharePoint functionality is seen as a solution to everything, the SharePoint Analyst does not know and can help their organization understand where the platform can be applied as efficiently as possible.


Pilotage of the ship

SharePoint is unique for many, it is an organization because the few products that can have an impact in many areas of an organization. A good SharePoint Analyst will be the ship's captain in the troubled waters that can quickly become well- intentioned MOST SharePoint project, program or implementation.

But as a captain to make sure you have that you know you are going where then determine how you Go ahead. This is when the meaning of the company's SharePoint analysts comes into play. Contrary to what theMost people think that SharePoint is first and foremost a business tool and the SharePoint analyst must Be very clear about prep trade problem that seeks to solve.


Second to make the captain must be an honest and hard decision. You will have to say either that you often think to make sure that the ship remains ITS This course. You need to make sure that business problems are solved in the most efficient way and that SharePoint does not become an exercise in the technical feat. The SharePoint ship can be pulled in several directions quickly all at once, making sure the jerky of unclear business problems and incorporeal returns does not work fail the ship.

Finally, with a clear understanding of where the ship is heading towards it is to SharePoint analyst to ensure you not only that it arrives, but it is done under the best conditions with minimal problems. Inform clients about seemingly unrelated issues around: such as SharePoint governance, usability, adoption, training and other issues involves the SharePoint Interpersonal Analysts and Business Skills. In many implementations, the SharePoint Analyst finds that technical challenges are much easier to solve than managing the change needed to ensure a successful solution.


SharePoint Analyst Attributes

Be passionate about what you do: SharePoint can bring joy, frustration, pain and sometimes humor. If you are not passionate about the business issues you are trying to solve, and the platform you use to solve these problems with, you may find yourself falling quickly into insanity.

Show Compassion: We understand SharePoint, but for many end users and business leaders it is a complex and intimidating product. Be Compassionate, Understand These people need more time to understand and perhaps adopt the platform.

Have restraint: Do not make your SharePoint solution an exercise in technical virtuosity While providing value to small end users. Use only These features will solve operational problems and improve results, do not show all the features of the platform at once. Start slowly, stay the course and provide value.

Humor: Laugh When you do not know the answer, laugh CU breaks When a service application, laugh when you realize that something that should be heavy customization needs easy. Believe me, it's better to cry.

Learn, Explorer and Contribute: A SharePoint analyst does not know everything, but that does not mean you "should stop learning." So a lot of knowledge is available with a click of the mouse, the results of thousands of hours of unpaid community contributions. Learn from it, explore SharePoint for yourself and try to contribute. You do not have to write a blog, you do not have to reply to forums, but even a tweet to an author or a comment on a blog can bring someone a smile.

So this is what I think SharePoint Analyst is, but I would like to know what you think. Personally, I like the role, with its unique combination of skills and challenges. I do not think it's for everyone as your breath of knowledge goes beyond its depths in many areas but the organization's ability to help take advantage of this fantastic tool is very rewarding in the end. So when people ask what my job is that I tell them "My name is Michal Pisarek, I'm a SharePoint analyst, I'm here to make sure we can solve together That your business questions in the most Effective using this fantastic tool. I do not know how right away, but rest assured it's going to be a hell of a turn".

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