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myacademicprogram on Monday, June 22, 2015, 22:11:50, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [2]
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The company, Think Edu, LLC, is a group of individuals from the U.S. and India that have come together to develop a web application that helps Indian students more easily access their dream of studying and/or working in the United States. The founding team at MyAcademicProgram was initially focused on creating databases and displaying metrics that could be used to rate U.S. universities for the benefit of prospective foreign students and their parents. From this initial focus, the first benefit/cost ratios for U.S. based universities were calculated and displayed via the MAP web application. As an extension to this early area of focus, MyAcademicProgram has subsequently released modules that expand and enhance the web application to its current state.
The web application MAP (myacademicprogram.in) has recently launched in India and is comprised of different modules that can greatly assist prospective Indian students and their parents, as well as STEM workers in India that have a desire to be employed in the United States.  There are currently 4 different modules, each of which deals with a different aspect of the process of moving from India to the United States for education or employment opportunities.
The first module is the college search and comparison function. This module allows prospective Indian students and their parents to search through a wide range of data points for each U.S. college,  to include MAP's proprietary benefit/cost ratio for each school. Our hope is that this section will help identify the best values for students seeking a U.S. College education. The second module deals with financing the student's education based total costs in America. MAP provides linkages to the top Indian banks for student loans and access to existing scholarship opportunities for individual U.S. colleges. The third module focuses on helpingstudents and workers with the U.S. visa application process. Whether it be F1 student visa application or H-1B employer sponsored visa application, MAP contains a multitude of valuable resources to help the student/worker navigate the complicated U.S. visa application process. The final module of MAP is for theIndian worker or recent graduate that is interested in employment in the United States. In this section, job opportunity identification and placement resources are brought together for the empowerment of the prospective Indian worker/recent graduate.

Together, these modules act as a comprehensive resource for prospective Indian students and workers that are interested in the United States as a destination for their education and/or work.  We feel that MAP can be of great benefit to Indian citizens and hope to be received as the "top site" for those that have a desire to study or work in America.


Wish I knew this a few years back..
2 Yaers Ago via Charline   Tuesday, September 8, 2015  
To be honest, I am a simple man. I can not afford it..
2 Yaers Ago via TheFurnitureAssembler   Tuesday, September 1, 2015  

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