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If you have complex information you want to communicate to customers, clients or stakeholders, an animation is one of the most useful tools for doing so. Commissioning an animation is very straightforward, inexpensive, and reaps numerous advantages.
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What animation video can do for your business?
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Animation is an effective and cost-efficient method of disseminating information, whether it is for an advert or an internal update or training video. More and more nowadays, companies are creating short animations which give a clear sense of what the company does, or which advertises a new product or service. Animations are easy to digest for the viewer and easy to create for companies, making animations a worthwhile investment.

Video versus other methods

First and foremost, a video is without a doubt people's preferred way of digesting information. We live in a visual age, where people prefer to watch videos, whether it is on YouTube, on our desktops as we surf the internet, on our smart phones, or on our televisions. Video is the best way to communicate information in a simple and effective way to an audience who are familiar with and hungry for the medium. We tend to remember the information we have seen in videos far better than when we have read it or overheard it. By using video, your message will stay in people's minds meaning that, even if they don't instantly engage with your company, you will be in their mind. 

Animation video is fast becoming more preferable than other methods of advertising or disseminating information. People these days are busy and do not believe they have the time to read lengthy text. Your customers do not want to have to do the work to find out about your product. Instead, you need to create content which does the hard work for viewers, telling your audience everything they need to know in order to be able to take the next step with you.  An informative animation which is only thirty seconds long and explains everything someone needs to know makes your viewer's life easy and boosts business for you.

Animation versus live action

When you are considering having a corporate video made, one of the first questions to think about is whether you want to use animation or live action in your video. Animation has numerous advantages over live action videos.

Animation can be designed so you can impart your brand's ethos, message, look and feel. Everything from the style of your animation to the colours used can communicate your brands look so that you become easily recognisable. Equally, consistency is vital for the success of any brand, and with animation, you can create a visual language which people always recognise as uniquely yours.

With live action, once it has been filmed there is very little room for change as you would have to go to the expense of hiring actors again and setting up in location. With animation, you can constantly evolve the animation until you have reached your goal, and there is always room to go back and edit, without creating a huge problem in the process.

Our brains much prefer images and in particular video. Large chunks of text, for example in newsletters, or print adverts, are off-putting. Animation is ideal for explaining complex ideas since you can depict ideas using clear and clever visual metaphors, in a way which is much harder with live action video. You can use everything from charts to graphs to stick figures, as well as voice over, to put the information across clearly.


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