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Life has several dimensions to it. A happy life depends on not one but several aspects around you.
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What Expats Must Know About Living In Vietnam
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Life has several dimensions to it. A happy life depends on not one but several aspects around you. The living conditions in Vietnam are a topic of interest for most expats since there is something exciting and nice about it of course with a few downsides that you can certainly overlook for all that the country has got to offer. On the whole, if you have landed on an opportunity to live in this country, then certainly you are lucky as you are gaining access to living in one of the safest, beautiful, cultured and cordial atmosphere that you can feel happy about.

The culture
Expats will find living in Vietnam rife with the aspects of diverse cultures. For instance, Hanoi displays some traces of French architecture. You will also find a good degree of Chinese influence on the civilization, governance and other realms of life. The cultural life in Vietnam is one of the most ancient in the East Asia. Some of the big cities of the country are Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Haiphong and Da Nang. The concentration of population in Vietnam is about 33 percent in the urban regions and the rest in the rural areas. Majority of Vietnamese population does not subscribe to any religion while signs of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Catholicism are found.

Work opportunities are concentrated in the industrial or business districts of the country. These regions lack decent living atmosphere and are highly crowded. Provided you are opting for life in the crowded cities, you must be prepared for long commuting and also expensive rents. If you are planning for your housing, make a thoughtful approach considering several aspects. There is a huge expat populace in the country that has settled in the suburbs and residential districts. If this is your option, then you can choose between the standard life in expat neighborhoods or getting immersed in the Vietnamese culture.

Kinds of Accommodation
If you are planning for short stays stretching over only a few months, then serviced apartments is a good option for you. These are available in high rise buildings and hotels. To enjoy an air of flexibility, you can opt for regular apartments that are also economical. However, in this case, you are left to deal with your landlord. You can also rent houses with or without furniture. If you are planning to live in the country with your family, this can be the best option for you. However, renting a house in crowded cities can be a real tough job. The easiest and the cheapest accommodation option here in the country is to rent a room. They come with a bathroom and shared kitchen. They are available either furnished or unfurnished.

Useful information
When you are thinking of settling you family here, the best option is to choose expat neighborhoods that have so many advantages for you.Vietnam is gradually advancing its healthcare facilities and infrastructure. However, when you have a need, it is advisable that you get treated in the major cities. Vietnam culture attaches a great importance to education. Therefore you will come across good educational avenues for your children.

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