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While running network commands on Windows Command Prompt, sometimes you might face the “requested operation requires elevation” error. It is one of the common computer problems, and not limited to network commands only.
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Troubleshooting Computer Problems: Resolution for “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” Error Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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brookmperry on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 02:59:51, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
Troubleshooting Computer Problems: Resolution for “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” Error
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While running network commands on Windows Command Prompt, sometimes you might face the “requested operation requires elevation” error. It is one of the common computer problems, and not limited to network commands only. You can encounter this error even while using the Windows Updates or other Windows software. Troubleshooting the error gets extremely easy if you know the cause of the error. On that note, the article describes the troubleshooting method of “the requested operation requires elevation” error.

Understanding User Account Control (UAC)

The error occurs as a part of the User Account Control (UAC) system of Windows Vista and Windows 7. To protect your computer from unwanted actions by software and malware, UAC operates as a check gate. Its job is to restrict the low privilege users from accessing the system recourses. Thus, whenever a user attempts to access the system resources and try to make major modifications in Windows, the UAC checks whether the user have privileged permissions or not. It allows only the users with elevated privileges to access certain system resources such Windows Updates, Windows Command Prompt, etc. Here, elevated privileges mean admin privileges.

The admin privileges are available to a user only when he logs into the computer from the Administers account and have run a particular program or software as administrator. Logging into the computer as Administrator and running a program as an administrator are two different things.

Why the Error Occurs?

Your first step towards resolving this error is to understand why you are getting this stop error message. As you are clear with the role of UAC and the need of admin or elevated privileges, now you will be able to understand why the error has occurred on your computer.

When you run Network commands on Windows Command Prompt or install updates from Windows Update, your attempt to access system resources that can cause a major modification to the Windows. Thus, such operations are permissible only if you are the Administrator of the computer. If you are the Administrator, then you need to validate yourself by logging into the computer using your admin login credentials. Once you log in as Administrator, UAC will validate your admin privileges and then only you will be allowed to perform the operations like update installations or driver installations or running Network commands.

But if you are using the normal user account, then UAC will identify that you don’t have admin privileges. Thus, whenever you attempt to perform major Windows operations from a normal user account, UAC restricts you by prompting “the requested operation requires elevation error.” The error message simply means that you don’t have elevated/admin privileges thus you need to have user account elevation. In simple words, you need to elevate from a normal user account to admin account and gain the elevated privileges. Then, you will be able to perform the requested operations without getting the error.

How to Resolve the Error?

There are two ways of resolving the error. First you agree to the UAC and start using the Administrator account, second you disable the UAC so that it can’t check what user account you are using. However, even to disable the UAC, you need first to log into your computer as Administrator. Only the system’s Administrator can disable the UAC. Also, getting the UAC disabled is not a good idea from a security perspective. You should do this only if you are the sole user of your computer, and you are sure that it won’t get accessed by any user you don’t know or trust. 

Use the Administrator Account

To use your computer as Administrator, you simply need to log into your computer as Administrator.  And then you need to run your selected program, such as Windows Update, Windows CMD, etc., as administrator. To run a program as administrator, perform the following steps:

  • Right-click on the program's shortcut
  • Then, click on 'Run as administrator.'
  • When UAC will prompt, click 'Yes' to run the program with full admin permissions.

If you are logged in as a standard user, then after clicking on 'run as administrator,' you have to type your administrator login credentials. If you find difficulty in performing these steps, then you can take help from tech support experts.

Disable the UAC

To get the UAC disabled, you can go for online computer repair services. Here, you can ask tech support engineers to get the UAC disabled for you. He will perform the following steps:

  • Click the 'Start' button
  • Then, click the 'Control Panel.'
  • In the search box, type UAC.
  • Then click 'Change User Account Control settings.'
  • To turn off UAC, move the slider to the 'Never notify' position.
  • Then click 'OK.'
  • Then, feed the Administrator login credentials.

By following these steps, the computer support engineer will disable the UAC.


Windows errors are one of the common computer problems. “The requested operation requires elevation” is a very common error. To repair the error, you don’t need any help from tech support expert. You just need to log into your computer from the Administrator account. But if you choose to repair this error by disabling the UAC, then you may require taking help from a computer support engineer.


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