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Is your thick and beautiful hair becoming thin? Do you have thin hair and are looking to improve its density? Well thin hairs are susceptible to breakage and splitting as compared to thick hairs. The following tips will be extremely beneficial for you:
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Tips to Avoid Thinning of Hair
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Is your thick and beautiful hair becoming thin? Do you have thin hair and are looking to improve its density? Well thin hairs are susceptible to breakage and splitting as compared to thick hairs. The following tips will be extremely beneficial for you:

Go for a head therapeutic massage:

A therapeutic message will heal your hair and can be an excellent strategy to fight thinning of hair. It will make the hair roots and scalp stronger by providing the vital nourishment it craves. Apply argan or coconut oil directly to your scalp in circular motions and rub it gently with your fingertips. This should be done before shampooing your hair.

Aromatherapies are superb for the reinforcement of the hair follicles:

Thinning of hair is due to weak hair follicles. So aromatherapies are exceptional for treating thin hair. The essential perfumed natural oils like jojoba, olive, ginseng, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus nourishes and relaxes the scalp.

Thin hair can be genetic:

There are hereditary reasons that might cause the hair to become thin and as a result it gets ripped apart from the roots. Talk to a trichologist for dealing with such cases as he can assist you to cope with the first symptoms of hair loss and suggest suitable measure to revitalize hair growth.

Have a nutritious diet:

Diet and nutrition play an important role in determining the density of your hair. You should follow a balanced diet that is enriched by vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids. Consume lot of fishes, dairy products, cereals, eggs, cheese, leafy vegetables, fruits etc in your diet. Excessive drinking and smoking can be detrimental for your hair so avoid them as much as possible. Healthy lifestyle and food habits can go a long way in making your hair strong and healthy.

Prolonged illness can be a problem:

If you are suffering from a prolonged illness then it could have an adverse effect on your hair. Your health problem can inhibit the growth of your hair so make sure you have a perfect recovery and recuperation from the illness that you have been suffering from. You should support your entire body in curing and seek prompt treatment for infections in case you have them. You can also benefit from stress management methods as it is vital for relaxation of body, mind and hair. If you have diabetes make sure you keep it within your control as high blood sugar levels is a main culprit for hair loss and thinning.

 Choose your hair products carefully:

  • Use herbal hair products. Shampoos that are rich in Aloe Vera are good for fortifying the hair roots and scalp.
  • Always use a mild shampoo as they will make your hair non-frizzy and smooth.
  •  Never shampoo your hair too frequently as intense cleaning of your hair may result to unnecessary breakage or hair fall.
  •  Never comb or brush your hair when it is wet.
  • Never pull grey hairs.

Exceptional circumstances:

In the case of serious physical or mental shock, post child birth, hormonal imbalances, and chemotherapy, there can be chronic hair loss and you may not do much about it. There can be balding or temporary hair loss. But apart from these cases if you are experiencing hair thinning or loss of hair then you should immediately visit a multispecialty clinic that deals with serious hair disorders. They have proficient doctors who offer permanent and reliable hair loss treatments like hair transplantation, laser treatment etc.

The above mentioned tips will be extremely beneficial for you to cope with hair thinning and hair loss. So, follow them carefully to make your hair strong and bounce with health.


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