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Security is one of the biggest aspects when you transact business online. You have to punch in the passwords on your phone.
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MinhVo on Monday, May 22, 2017, 13:49:31, 3 Months Ago, Comments [0]
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Security is one of the biggest aspects when you transact business online. You have to punch in the passwords on your phone. As long as no one has access to your phone, you feel that you are safe. However, are you safe enough? One can say that you are as vulnerable as ever. What should be the solution? The solution is to have a secure email service installed on your phone.

You have a Blackberry phone in your hands. You are under the impression that the phone comes with the latest security measures. In fact, the PGP security in use in the Blackberry phones is a good one. However, hackers have managed to breach this security as well. This is a disturbing thought. The PGP is one of the strongest available security systems in the market. If the hackers can break through this one, they can do so anywhere.  

Therefore, Global Secured has come up with a stronger security in the form of Elliptical Curve Cryptography. This is the latest security system. Compared to the PGP, this is an infinitely stronger system. They give an analogy to substantiate their claims.

One can equate the energy required for boiling water with the strength of this security to make their point. As things stand today, the PGP security can measure up to the energy required to boil one teaspoon of water. Keeping all the variables unchanged, the ECC 521 can measure up to the energy required to boil the entire water in the universe. This should give one an idea about the strength of the system. This is just an analogy. The ECC 521 has proved technically that it is much stronger than the PGP. Until now, no hacker has been able to do anything with this security system.  

We shall check out a few parameters where this security system has proved its superiority. The PGP can encrypt the messages. There is no doubt about this fact. However, while sending out the text messages as well as the email messages, it does not subject the message headers and the details of the sender or the recipient to any kind of encryption. This may sound innocuous to many. However, when the information is secretive in the form of military communication, any breach can have dangerous repercussions. The hacker can gain entry into the system and deduce the contents of the message from the header information as well as that of the sender and the recipient. At least, he can make a guess. This guess could also prove dangerous on occasions. There is no need of giving any room to the hacker. You can install the ECC 521 and ensure that the hacker does not get any chance to gain a foothold.

The ECC 521 encrypts the entire information and thus the hacker does not get any chance to deduce anything from anywhere. This system is now becoming very popular with GS installing the same on every Blackberry phone that rolls out into the market.



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    3 Months Ago, Monday, May 22, 2017, 13:49:31

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