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The Many Properties of Tea Tree Oil
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Distilled from the foliages and twigs of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant native to Australia, tea tree oil delivers more than merely its fresh, spicy scent. For many of us, it remains tied into associations of childhood- if you ever had head lice, you'll remember the smell as your parent knelt hung your head over the sink and doused it over your scalp .

The characteristic fragrance you recall is due to its 1.8 cineole content which emits a powerful odor. Many find this scent fresh and pleasant, which is why it is so versatile and can be used in a variety of beauty and cosmetic products, as well as in the home .
But its uses are not purely cosmetic; it is also packed with practical properties, too. Not merely is it an insecticide, as we know, but is also boasts antibacterial properties too, constructing it an ideal household cleanser. It can also be used to ward off household pests such as spiders and rodents, as many will find the smell a deterrent .
You may also be surprised to learn, however, that it also has powerful effects when used as an antiviral immune stimulant .
The natural oil also provides the perfect ingredient to foot creams, cuticle, and massage lotions, providing moisture and protection for your skin. Why not search online for a recipe you can use to create your own natural skin cream? This can be used as a moisturiser, an antiseptic and also to soothe your skin if you suffer from eczema or other conditions .
It is also an unbelievably effective anti-dandruff product, hence why it's often used in shampoos and conditioners. If you have psoriasis of the scalp, you may find that tea tree oil provides an effective treatment. Many hairdressers also use it in salons, combined with Aloe Vera concentrate as an after wax gel. It also smooths and conditions the hair, leaving it in notably better condition .
Tea tree oil can also be combined with lavender essence to produce an effective after-sun treatment. Lavender has also been proven to have pain-relieving properties, so a few drops on a cloth can help relieve a variety of ailments including migraine headaches, muscle aches and skin conditions .
If you suffer from sore limbs post-exercise, you may be pleased to know that, when combined with massage oils such as Plai, it can soothe the pain of aching joints. It can also be added to Calendula to create an effective anti-fungal cream to treat conditions such as athlete's foot and thrush .
If you regularly use healing balms like aftershave or nappy balms on your children, you may want to consider creating your own natural balm use tea tree oil. Why not search online to find a recipe? Natural cosmetics can be much kinder on our bank balance, whilst providing us with effective natural cosmetics free from nasty chemicals .
Domestically, tea tree is regularly used in diffusers and burners to keep air smelling fresh and clean. Alternatively, a couple of drops in your rinsing load will help freshen your clothes and keep them smelling nice .
Experts recommend use it neat or in quantities of over 2 %, as diluting it too much can lessen its effects. If used in excess, however, you may find you react if you have sensitive skin- so perhaps try merely dabbing a small amount on to your arm to see how it fares .
If you're interested in constructing your own cosmetic or skincare products, you'll need to search online for a reputable supplier. Make sure you check out their ethics and certification so you can ensure you're using an all-natural, cruelty-free supplier for your goods .
Aromantic is a leading UK-based provider of natural cosmetic and beauty product ingredients. The company provides 100% organic, natural ingredients, recipes and courses to customers, allowing them to make their own beauty products. Aromantic offer over 700 high-quality ingredients, ecological packaging and equipment to enable individuals or business owners to create their environmentally responsible and nourishing skin, hair and makeup products. Their natural, active ingredients will produce unbelievable outcomes in hair, skin and body care and are suitable for all skin types and conditions. The company is also a renowned stockist of high quality essential oils, natural perfume concentrates, natural fats and waxes for the body. They can provide starter packs, educational materials and courses for both professionals and novices .


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