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The online world is full of buzzwords these days. Without context, some of them may seem silly or even completely meaningless.
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The Anatomy of a Ecommerce Digital Agency
Sell and buy business online

The online world is full of buzzwords these days. Without context, some of them may seem silly or even completely meaningless. What’s a “digital influencer”? What does it mean if an eCommerce site has a high “bounce rate”? And what does a company mean when they call themselves a “digital agency”? The easiest explanation is that the last one is a group of people that can help you figure out the first two and a lot of other lingo. Let’s go a little deeper, though, and break the digital agency down to its pieces.

?    Designers Create the Big Picture: The team of designers at a digital agency is responsible for how everything on your website looks. They learn all the important details there are to know about your brand and products, then craft a theme that not only represents what you are selling but is appealing to your target customers. At the very least this will include selecting a color palette, layout, and fonts. They also map out your entire site, ensuring that users can intuitively find the information they’re looking for. They are experts in streamlining so that customers don’t get lost or bogged down in unnecessary information or distracting visual elements.

?    Developers Work with the Nuts and Bolts: While the designers deal with the looks, developers are working behind the scenes to make your site runs smoothly. They take what the designers have crafted and make sure that all of the pieces connect. For instance, they write the code that makes links and menus lead where they are supposed to on your site. Their work may be less flashy, but it’s the engine behind some of the most important parts of the user experience. An eCommerce store is nothing without a secure way for its customers to check out, and that’s where a digital agency with a talented group of developers comes in.

?    Marketers Get the Word Out: Of course, a beautifully designed and well-run website only does so much good if no one visits it. The digital agency’s marketing team is responsible for getting users to not just visit your site in the first place, but to keep coming back. Marketers provide you with high quality content in the form of blogs, web page copy, and promotional writing that is optimized for search engines and sharing on social media. They’ll put together a strategic digital campaign combining SEO and pay-per-click advertising based on their in-depth knowledge of search algorithms. Additionally, they’ll manage your site’s social media so that you can more effectively communicate with your users and give them reasons to come back and shop.

1Digital Agency prides itself on staffing highly qualified experts in all three of these areas. That way, when you join the 1Digital Agency team, you’re getting all the support you need to run a highly successful website. From conceptualization to launch to troubleshooting, we’re a full service digital agency. Explore our website and contact us for more information about our work.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about Digital Agency and Ecommerce Design Company for more information about design and development services visit: 1 Digital® Agency.


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