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Error “0x80070570” is common for a Windows computer, and might crop up in any Windows PC irrespective of its brand and version. Technically, the error appears if, during the Windows 7 extraction portion of setup, certain built-in drivers don’t get recognized.
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Tech Support Tips to Repair the Error “0x80070570” Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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Tech Support Tips to Repair the Error “0x80070570”
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Error “0x80070570” is common for a Windows computer, and might crop up in any Windows PC irrespective of its brand and version. Technically, the error appears if, during the Windows 7 extraction portion of setup, certain built-in drivers don’t get recognized. That is more of a technical description, but in this article you will read about the cause and troubleshooting methods of this error in simple layman language.

Most probably, it will help you in self-troubleshooting the error. Otherwise, you have tech support service providers readily available at your service. However, before you choose any online computer repair service provider, you must always validate their market reputation and sincerity towards customers’ security. Getting connected with a reliable tech support firm is not very difficult and it is also not a job to perform at the last minute. That means you need to carry out a proper research before choosing your computer support service provider.

How to Troubleshoot the Error?

Cause One: Expired BIOS

 The error might occur if your BIOS is not updated. The steps for updating the BIOS will vary a little for different brands of computer. For reference purpose, the article is considering a Windows 7 Dell computer.

1.    Turn on your computer

2.    While, the Dell splash screen is showing up, press F2

3.    That will boot you into the BIOS

4.    Here, change from "RAID Autodetect / AHCI" to "RAID Autodetect / ATA"

5.    Now, press the ‘Esc’ key

6.    Then, click ‘Save’/ ‘Exit.’

7.    Next, shut down your PC.

8.    Disconnect all USB devices (except the keyboard/mouse).

9.    Now, go to your computer’s OEM website.

10.    Look for the latest available BIOS.

11.    Then, try reinstalling it.

Cause Two: $ (dollar sign) folders in C Drive

Check your C: drive. Here, you might see some folders bearing names starting with $ (dollar sign). The existence of these folders can be a cause of the error “0x80070570.” Thus, you need to delete all these files, and that should repair the error.

Note that these files might not be available for view, as these are often hidden files. Thus, you need to choose the ‘show hidden and system files’ in Windows Explorer options.

Cause Three: Bad RAM

A bad RAM can also be a valid cause of the error. To check the status of the RAM, you need to perform a RAM test, for that you can use the memory test feature, available on the Windows 7 DVD.

Other Troubleshooting Method

Even after performing the steps mentioned above, if the error still clings on, then you need to run ‘chkdsk’ in Windows Recovery Environment [RE]. That considerably helps in fixing the issue. You can access Windows Recovery Environment by using the Windows 7 installation disc. To run ‘chkdsk,’ you need to perform the following steps:

•    Insert the disc.

•    Restart your computer.

•    Press any key and Windows will get started from the installation disc.

•    Now, choose the language settings.

•    Then, click ‘Next.’

•    Then, click ‘Repair.’

•    Next, select the Windows installation section that you want to repair.

•    Now, click ‘Next’ to open the ‘System Recovery Options’ menu.

•    Here, click command prompt to open it.

•    In the command prompt window, type “Chkdsk /F /R.”

•    Now, press ‘Enter.’

•    Now, restart your computer once again.

•    During the restart process, Windows will check the disk for errors and then Windows will get started. When prompted, press the ‘Y’ key to check the disk error.

The tool will also repair the disk errors as well, which will eventually repair the error “0x80070570.”


Assuming that the steps mentioned above will help you effectively in self-troubleshooting the error, this article attempts that making tech troubleshooting easy for one and all. However, a certain amount of computer knowledge and troubleshooting proficiency is essential to perform the steps mentioned above. Thus, if you can’t self-perform the troubleshooting steps, then you must go for professional computer support services.


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