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Propecia initiate new hair growth at the crown area whereas transplantation restores the hairline effectively. So, if someone takes Propecia from 1 month before the surgery to 11 months after it, then he will be able to get the desired result. These two things actually complement each other nicely.
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paulsonline on Thursday, October 15, 2015, 08:49:39, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
Should I take Propecia after Hair Transplantation?
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Many a time I have seen people asking this question. Before answering this question, I would like to tell you some facts regarding the hair growth.

Generally, in men, hair falls out because of DHT. The presence of DHT allows each individual follicle to show its genetic expression. The follicles those are present on the back and sides of our scalp are resistant to baldness. They do not have any genetic programming. These follicles do not undergo miniaturization and hence, they do not shed as rapidly as the hairs on the top of our head.

Numerous surgeons of the hair transplant in Delhi suggest their patients to take Propecia even after the surgery. The constant decrease in the diameter of the hair shaft leads to the thinning of the hair. This is known as miniaturization and men ultimately start to suffer from male pattern baldness. The patients who take Propecia after the restorative treatment can control the shedding more effectively than those who don’t.

Why should you take Propecia after the surgery?

Alopecia patients who undergo hair transplant in Delhi generally take the advantages of a FUE technique. Although this is a minimally invasive procedure, yet as a result of trauma of the surgery, many transplanted hairs fall out after some weeks. This thinning of the surrounding hair can diminish the overall impact of the surgery. Though the surgeons believe that Propecia has no direct relation with the growth of the transplanted airs, but it can help to maintain the health of the surrounding hairs. So, it definitely can be used as an add-on to the treatment to provide the desired result to the patient.

A study was done to find whether Propecia given to patients from one month prior to the surgery to eleven months after it, can enhance the growth near the treated area. The experiment was done on almost 80 men who were divided into two groups. Some were given Propecia and some were given placebo. Snaps were taken to record the growth.

The study established that Propeciais effective in triggering hair growth than other means. It was also proved that if the patient takes Propecia from 1 month prior to the surgery to 12 months after it then he will be able to enjoy a head full with dense hairs.

Another reason of using Propecia after the treatment is that hair transplantation doesn’t prevent the hair loss. It can only initiate growth in the bald regions by implanting the follicles from the donor site. On the other hand, Propeciaquite effectively stops the further shedding. So, the use of Propecia after the transplantation not only stops your further hair loss but also grows hair in the treated place.

Moreover, Propecia and the transplantation complement each other. The drug works well to stimulate growth at the crown area whereas the surgery is effectively used mainly to restore the hairline.

To enjoy the fullness, you should take Propecia along with the transplantation.


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