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The field of engineering is very vast, it is actually divided in various streams. One who aspires to become a successful engineer in the future needs to start preparing about it, after finishing the exams of class 12th. It is one of the primitive branches of Engineering which have remained always in demand and continue to be in the future.
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Mechanical Engineering: The Most Popular Stream Among the Engineering Students
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Mechanical engineers has always been needed as an essential staff, in every sector of the industry, whether it is a public or private sector, in which they are appointed as a professional. Every manufacturing and production industry is in need of mechanical engineers for carrying out the different jobs in a company flawlessly and efficiently. They are comfortable in working on all stages of a product, from research to design and manufacture.

Course of Mechanical Engineering:

Any student who has an ability of understanding complex systems and vehicles is a genuine candidate for pursuing this career. It teaches the general principles of mechanical systems whereas the sub-disciplines only on the field of development. Mechanical engineers have to study a lot of different things, like- physics, engineering drawing, machine drawings and many other concepts such as



Strength of Materials

Fluid Mechanics

Engineering Economics


Automobile Engineering

Manufacturing Process

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Job Description of Mechanical Engineering:

There are more than one fields or various types of work, which a mechanical engineer can pursue, after finishing their study from one of the Colleges Offering Direct Admission in B.Tech. The engineers are expected to fulfill duties like:-

Designing and implementing various economical equipment. Not only this, the mechanical engineers are also there to improve the safety and reliability of that particular equipment, which he or she has designed.

Project management is also considered as an essential work of a mechanical engineer.

They also need to do the monitoring and commissioning plant and systems.

Creating project specifications with team mates, is another responsibility of mechanical engineers, in order to proceed with the work smoothly.

The mechanical engineers have to conduct some experiments, methodically and after analyzing the available data, they also have to interpret the result.

One of the main responsibilities of a mechanical engineer is to make a product, which can be reliable of giving constant performances, in specified operating environments.

They should also have an experience of working with other professionals, which would ultimately be beneficial in enhancing their capabilities.

Job opportunities:

Mechanical engineers are hugely demanded in almost every sector of work. Their demand is also equal, both in our country and in abroad. In this industry, one can notice an ample growth, as more and more people are showing their interest in this field, as well as various scopes, which are also opening a new era for the mechanical engineers. Most careers, which is related to engineering can lead one towards a senior position, where the engineers, have to take some responsibilities upon them, as the development of the company, in which they are working, depends heavily on their efforts of finishing a project successfully.

A student who has finished his or her study from one of the most famous Colleges Offering Direct Admission in B.Tech, can definitely think about choosing the career of a mechanical engineer as there is a huge prospect of getting a huge salary, if your love towards machinery is true enough, you will soon be experiencing a growth in your career, which you had always in mind.


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