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All Stones Are Not Created Equal - Marble v Granite
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Marble v Granite
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When renovating or building a new property one of the decisions my likely be whether to use marble or granite in your  kitchen or lounge.  We hope this article will help guide you to them most appropriate stone for your use. 

According to Amant's Floor Care, St Louis, MO over 50% of the marble and granite in the US comes from Italy and distinct characteristics between the two exist.

Naturally, both are natural stones.  Both are quarried from mother earth.

Granite is formed deep in the earth's core at extremely high temperatures and is very hard, resistant stone made of minerals that have crystallized.  

Granite exists in a large array of beautiful colors having a grained texture.  Granite is the hardes of all stone counter-top options. 

Granite is better to withstand heat when hot cookware is placed on it, whereas, marble will be prone to blistering if repeadedly exposed.

The marble group includes limestone, travertine, marble and onyx.  They start out as sediment, animial skeletons and shells, plant matter, silt that lie at the bottom of bodies of water.  After millions of years they solidify into stone.  Because of its primary component, calcium, acids like vinegar and citrus beverages can affect it.

Due to the porous nature marble is more sensitive to etching and scratching from acidic foods and drinks than granite.

Both marble and granite are porous, but to different degrees.  Granite wins for being the more indulgent of the two when it comes to staining since it comes to stainin since it's much denser in makeup.

To prevent staining, sealants are usually applied on the surfaces of both materials after installation.

Amant's Floor Care recommends that you reseal stone optimally at six month intervals or generally not later than once a year using a standard-type marble sealer.  Sealing frequency is contingent on the types of sealer used and what elements the stone is exposed to on a regular basis.

Granite resealing only needs to be done every 1 to 3 years based on use and density of the granite.  The more variation in color and veining in the granite suggest the more porosity and susceptibility to staining.  Darker stones are also denser with the lighter stones being more noticeably porous and more prone to visible staining. 

If you clean the surface of any natural stones with specially formulated products, the life of the sealer is prolonged, which in turn will prolong the life of the stone's surface.  We have products that we recommend for regular use on stone.

For knowledgeable and professional marble and stone maintenance call Kevin Amant @ Amant's Floor Care @ (636) 458-2500 or email

Article submitted by WebTech Group on behalf of Amant's Floor Care.



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