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How to reduce the pay per click cost Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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adeshsingh on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 08:56:34, 3 Yaers Ago, Comments [1]
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The Pay per click program is a worth option to advertise your products. It is also known as Google Adwords which is based upon an auction. This is the amount you are agreed to pay to Google as an advertiser for each visit brought at your website. The higher the bid, there are more chances of being on top of search results.   

Once a keyword is typed on search engine, you are a competitor who participates in this auction. The amazing thing is that the gainer for being on top is not the one who places highest bid, just more bid amount than the runner up will do for him. The criteria to stay on top are not completely dependent on the maximum bid placed by advertisers. It is calculated over ad rank.

One should have proper idea how Google ranks the ads for advertisers so that he can establish a profitable campaign. The issues that determine quality score should properly be analyzed.     

Quality Score

The auction for pay per click is won by an advertiser who places high quality ads which can be beneficial to all participants be it a visitor or an advertiser himself. The ad placed for a particular product or service should fulfill need of potential buyers. Only then it will benefit all domains including customer, advertiser and Google. The more relevant you ad is, the more score you earn.   

The advertiser who wins this auction will acquire top position hence will be clicked most no. of times. The main motto of advertisers is getting top position with minimum cost per click. So that it can return the advertiser what he has invested.   

After the auction has been decided and when a keyword is searched, Google decides the ranking criteria for ads over Ad Rank. In fact the positioning of your Ad will be depended on Ad Rank factor. Now, how would advertisers know the Ad Rank factor? It is the product of the quality score of your website and maximum cost paid per click.   

Ad Rank is not determined on highest bidding amount by an advertiser. The factors which contribute to Google quality score would decide that who is going to win the auction.

Quality score depends on relevancy factor. How much is your ad relevant to the search term placed by searcher. That will affect the amount of per click you would want to invest in. The advertiser should have knowledge and trick to achieve higher quality score.    

However this is completely not transparent to anyone, how Google decides the quality score. It hints that the quality score is dependent on CTR that is click through rate for a particular keyword. How often the keyword is clicked off the total impressions it has got. There are many factors to decide that including landing page for that keyword, the relevancy of term searched and the past record of that keyword.       

Relevancy between quality score & CPC

Now it is quite obvious that the more quality score an ad acquires, the relevancy factors is that much higher for a keyword. If the ad is of more concern to the searcher, there are more possibilities to achieve higher clicks that will turn into more click through rate. It will send a message to Google partner India that this is working in favor of the searcher and he is getting what was desired. They will go on clicking on the ads. The more the click through rate, the higher the quality score of a keyword. This can contribute to enhance the Ad rank. This is how an advertiser can lower the cost spending per click on ads.     

Google can restrict ads from appearing for keywords with less quality score which is an indication that the searcher cannot find what he wants. The ad is not relevant and hence cannot fulfill his needs. This results in making the keyword omitted. Google adwords in ahmedabad is managed by professional firms.


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