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naveenbhatia on Monday, November 7, 2016, 08:35:39, 1 Year Ago, Comments [0]
How to Wear a Saree Like Celebrities?
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Typically a 5 meter cloth embroidered beautifully, sarees are female garments which has its roots in India. Draping a saree to a human being’s body is an art in itself. Magnificently covering what needs covering and tantalizing showing the hidden curves are a few of the highlights of wearing a saree. Sarees are usually designed with embroidery items or stitched with other threads to make them look wow. Frankly, Indian women have several styles of wearing them: Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern, and Central and also like our favorite celebrities. Traditional way of wearing saree is obviously a classic, but who doesn’t like a bit of innovation once in a while? Unlike the celebrities, the majority of us are not able to hire stylists; that’s why we educate ourselves of new styles from the works of stylists on the celebrities. Some of us are unable to understand the mechanism of wearing sarees like celebrities. For those few, there are several ways of draping it like divas. They are: 


  • If you’re wearing it with a sleeveless blouse with Bollywood replica saree in  georgette fabric, first wear the blouse and petticoat which must match the color of the saree that drapes the underskirt. The petticoat should be tied to the lower waist and the saree hem should be tucked in for a complete one round. The shoulder drape should be scrunched into an informal, organized pleat and slimly slung over the right shoulder. The looped material left between the shoulder drape and skirt is to be organized into broad pleats and settled just below your navel. Next, you rearrange the shoulder pleats into artistic narrow pleats and pin it together to the blouse.
  • For draping a saree Mumtaz Style, start by wearing your blouse, petticoat and shoes and also keeping  the safety pins ready. Hold the saree end from the uppermost edge; gather it in the petticoat beginning from the right side of your waist from corner to corner to your left waist. From the left hand, get the drape round your waist from the back to the middle front and tuck it in. You have to now take 2 pleats of 5-6 inches and tuck them in front of the left hand side. Pick up the lengthier edge of the saree from the center pleat wrapping around the left side to back till getting it frontward at right side waist. Fold it 5-6 inches directly above the customary toe length. And similarly until brought on wrap around in same till right side again. Now make pleats of the girth section, in wide pleats and then bringing it under the right armpit carry it through to the front left shoulder. Assemble the front bodice wrap to convert narrower than the usual draping style and secure it in position at the shoulder.
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