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Amid the innovations brought by technology to music, many people still believe that there is nothing more entertaining than listening to good ol' school radio while tinkering away in an office.
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IgorDovbenko on Thursday, September 24, 2015, 04:30:35, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
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Amid the innovations brought by technology to music, many people still believe that there is nothing more entertaining than listening to good ol’ school radio while tinkering away in an office. For this reason, there are many young music enthusiasts nowadays that delve into the idea to start an internet radio station and broadcast on their own. Think it’s hard to attain? 

When it comes to realizing a lifelong dream to broadcast live and channel your inner Tiesto, there are actually a number of ways to finally realize your broadcasting fantasies. Here’s how:

Go Old School Punk 

Streaming live music can be done in a number of ways. If you want things quick, you can try collaborating with friends or family members whose love for music mirrors your own. Prepare an old school RCA audio cable unto a mic jack and a headphone jack, a web-based streaming service, and you are good to go. A session over Skype with your rat pack pals is also a good way to satisfy your hunger for real music. 

Get a Team Moving

There are hundreds of apps plying the web nowadays that allow you to play music files. You can manipulate such by turning on an audio feed via stream-able sources. If you have all the money to splurge, you can set up your own server and have this configured for different audio formats by hiring computer experts in the field of internet radio. There is a good chance that zipped .DLL files fpr MP3 broadcast will be downloaded and servers (which are pricey) will be set-up. This can work to your advantage but it can also be expensive and stressful, not to mention the high maintenance it requires. 

Shoutcast Hosting Services

There is an easy way to realize a dream of broadcasting live straight from your room to the world with just a PC and an internet connection. There are many specialized Shoutcast hosting solution nowadays that make matters easier for those who want to start an internet radio for fun as well as for business. 

Internet radio hosting solutions make listening to live broadcasts much easier and yes, affordable. Gone are the days where time slots for your business ad come with a hefty price tag. So is setting up of pricey equipment. All it needs is for you to have a working computer with enough space to handle the software requirement and a good working internet connection for your own radio show and live broadcast be echoed in thousands of halls across the globe.

A Shoutcast server offering unlimited bandwidth and a 99.99% uptime as part of the legal service agreement will help ensure that your radio show will be available online even when you are away or when you are offline. 

Added Perks

When planning to start your own online radio via reliable Shoutcast server hosting, you might also want to use it as a way to gain more traction on promoting your business or blog. A great way to add traffic, you can simply run your campaigns via your radio. Some hosting solutions also offer reseller programs. Either way you want it, hosting your online radio program is one route that ought to bring more than less.

Igor Dovbenko is the author of this article on Shoutcast Hosting. Find more information, about Start an internet radio station here

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