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vanhireireland on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 05:28:48, 3 Yaers Ago, Comments [1]
How to Save More While Renting a Car?
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Though we plan to go for a trip or shopping with our family, especially during the summer holidays, yet looking at the blue sunny sky and thinking of the scorching heat, we step back most of the times. But we cannot avoid it in times of emergency. At that time, we generally leave a sigh, saying, ‘I wish I had a car.’ That’s why, many van renting companies have come into existence. Unfortunately, our growing expenses do not always let this wish come true. This makes us turn to van hiring companies- it is cheap while giving you the feeling of owning a van.

Do you still want to save more in your pocket? Well, then you have to utilize the following tricks which most of the novices like you overlook.

• Use the coupons. Search for the best deals and coupons. On the topmost part of any discount coupon, you may be managed for having the status of a regular flyer with any affiliated company of van rental Ireland. To double your saving amount, combine the codes of the coupon.

• Team up with the loyalty reward program of a renting company. This is absolutely free and simple. Whether the renting companies are keeping your hiring preferences, ensuring the availability of the vehicle with two-three hours of the issue of notice or earning the points of rewards, you can cash in on free hiring. Moreover, to increase their business majority of the loyalty programs will let you put back your position from any previous program.  For example, If you become successful in securing elite rank within a particular program, you can easily transfer that status to another program without any hassle.

• Choose an online company who deals with various discounts. Websites such as and Car facilitate you with the scope of exclusive deals on hiring vans from innumerable providers with the use of a lot of metrics to find the best deal for you only. Also, check out the off-brand hiring agencies as there you may save as much as 50%, which may not be possible with renowned brands. You can also reduce your hiring charge if you choose from the innumerable companies of van rental Ireland.

• Avoid renting at the airport. If you’re interested to take some time to set some range between  the airport and yourself, hiring from a company which is off-site through your inn can aid you to steer clear of the concession charges of the airport, that are often times higher when you compare it with the total renting price of the van. Although  you may face little inconvenience while renting the van from an off-site agency, calculating your way through a complimentary service of bus, public conveyance, or a quick ride on taxi can help you to save money and time in the future even before you set out to enjoy your trip.

Apart from executing the above tricks, knowing your van type and the purpose of hiring it will keep you away from the danger of surrendering to any pursuit of an upsell by your agent.


I really do not agree here. How can you save, when you rent?
2 Yaers Ago via TheFurnitureAssembler   Tuesday, September 1, 2015  

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