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How to Backup and Recover Your Laptop While Upgrading to Windows 10 Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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How to Backup and Recover Your Laptop While Upgrading to Windows 10
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If you are currently upgrading to Windows 10 and your existing software on your laptop is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP0 or Windows 8 (not 8.1), then all your existing files and programs get erased, during the upgradation process. The Windows 10 Upgrade Companion is a tool in the hands of the laptop users, which enables the preservation of settings, programs and files during upgradation to Windows 10.

What to do before we proceed with a Windows 10 upgrade?

Before continuing with the installation of Windows 10 software, one must make a complete back up of the system, before you actually start with the installation. After the upgradation is over, the backed up programs and files are restored on Windows 10.

So, before starting with the actual upgrade one must take some precautions. If by chance, anything goes wrong in the upgrade process, then you will tend to lose everything that resided on your laptop, so far. The Backup function of Windows Upgrade Companion works well. You may just run it, simply following the instructions meant for such a situation. A third-party backup software will also come in handy for a full image system backup.

Next, you go through the Windows 10 Installation procedure, only when the backup procedure is safely in place.

More about the Windows 10 Upgrade Companion

This,  not only helps to maintain the backup of your entire computer, but helps in the restoration of the programs, documents, profiles, music, settings, music, pictures and all other types of files, without any form of re-installation required. Without the Windows 10 Upgrade Companion (Zinstall), any upgrade is most likely to wipe out your computer, absolutely clean.

What is an Image Backup ?

An image backup is the bit-by-bit copy of the entire laptop system. There is a complete restoration, in case of a critical software or hardware related error. This will lead to avoid any issues related to upgradation to Windows 10.  

What to do after the Windows 10 upgrade?

The programs, settings and the files need to be restored, after the upgradation is over. There are specialized software which restores all the files, programs and the settings, automatically into your laptop, from the backup copies. Another alternative is to copy the files manually from the backup to the Windows 10 laptop and then install those programs, whichever are needed.

If your are still left unsure, about how to proceed with the back and the subsequent restoration procedure, feel free to get connected with the Dell customer support services at Dell Support Phone Number. The well-trained, qualified support technicians at Dell are very well equipped to handle any such issues, which are difficult to be detected by the ordinary users. The Dell Laptop Support Number offers a rapid resolution of issues, with a skillful and prodigious handling of your issues. The assiduous Dell experts at our Tech Support Team are available round the clock, and work through remote technologies, even for those users who are located at remotest of locations. The support that is offered is meticulous in nature. Dial the Dell Laptop Support Number and get assisted with the upgradation process to Windows 10.

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