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How one can choose SEO as a career in India Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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riyaarora1266 on Monday, January 30, 2017, 22:32:56, 9 Months Ago, Comments [1]
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There is plenty of living evidence that SEO is a viable career in India. Be in SEO industry of the past 14 years, I have seen growth and changes in the industry. SEO as a profession is about tremendous growth and reorganization in most Industries. There is a huge gap in demand and supply in the SEO industry. Yes Someone wants to enter the SEO industry is actually the best time for entering, as SEO is becoming a part of all digital marketing mix.


SEO is evergreen

SEO is dynamic; Google and other search engines continue to Improve their algorithms, they transform the way SEO is planned and Managed. You will never be bored - between continually innovation & Behavior with the researcher's changing desires and how search engines Working to refine their algorithms. (A career in lifelong learning & Delight)


You will enjoy the most on SEO is that it is never annoying. There is always Something tomorrow to test and there is always something to learn. His Definitely a field full of an amazingly intelligent group of people.

SEO is evergreen with bright future for every person who has a great analysis Skills, and you are dynamic. Ready to adopt the latest trends in the field, Have the passion to do the research and be able to formulate Innovative web marketing strategy to beat your competitor.


SEO is not limited to agency or Internet marketing company no longer These days all major IT companies, including TCS, Wipro, IBM and all Home media for e-commerce players (Snapdeal, Flipkart, MMT, Amazon)  In-house SEO team up. For e-commerce (all of us aware of e-Commerce in India) SEO companies are the most successful alien team with Product and marketing team.


I also want to share that compensation for SEO employees is equal or Even higher in some companies than that of web programmers, designers, Copy, And marketing people.


In India, the average salary for SEO is between Rs 2 lakes - Rs 4 lakes per An for the Executive. There are huge hires in the digital The JD includes experience in SEO. A requirement is both input & People's experience as the search engine industry is getting bigger and bigger.


Available Options:

  • Full-time SEO practitioner
  • In-house SEO
  • Solo SEO Practitioner
  • SEO Consultants for Brand

 Check the list of SEO Jobs in Hyderabad

Finally, if you still need more proof that SEO is a great career, A look at the link where Google itself began hiring SEO for own property :-)


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