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"Privacy is dead." Every data you collect, every message you send and every website you surf is being watched. If correctly said, every device like mobiles carries a major portion of your everyday life.
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MinhVo on Friday, December 30, 2016, 12:05:47, 11 Months Ago, Comments [0]
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"Privacy is dead." Every data you collect, every message you send and every website you surf is being watched. If correctly said, every device like mobiles carries a major portion of your everyday life. From sending text messages to email, surfing the social network sites to video calling in Whatsapp; your smartphone has become a necessity to you. Even if you lock your phones, are you sure that your data, photos and emails are safe? What you need is an excellent mobile phone encryption to solve this security problem.

Every data on your device can be hacked. If you currently own a silent circle blackphone, things will be different but for any other device, all your contents are vulnerable. Encryption comes in here to protect your phone from potential threats.

What is a phone encryption?

Be it a mobile phone, pc, or a server; the science to protect the stored information in these electronic devices is known as encryption. When you encrypt your mobile phone, the information is stored in a scrambled format. No person or computer can unlock and read this data unless you provide them with its key. There are few reliable companies who offers self-established private keys. In this, you can create your own mobile phone encryption key. The PIN usually consists of letters, numbers or an alpha-numeric combination.

Whatever may be the device, whether it is a Blackberry Q10 or a Blackberry Priv, whenever you use any third party created apps' data, those companies store some of your information. This information is usually those data which are not encrypted. This is because of the difference in rules of decrypting data stored in your phone and data on a server.

Stated in a simplified manner, your mobile phone stores a copy of information like Facebook photo album, Twitter messages or Snapchat conversation and their respective servers also keep a copy. When you opt for mobile phone encryption, you sever the connection between the third party server and the information inside your app within your device, making it inaccessible.

How to protect your data?

  • Rule number 1: Set up a PIN.

It is a necessity as it locks your device (apps included) against unauthorised users. PIN protection is a perfect way to avoid the intrusion of government agencies and skilled system to pry through your mobile phone data.

  • Rule number 2: Disable Bluetooth protocol.

The technology market is full of excellent hackers. They can easily link this Bluetooth technology and stealthily enter on your phone. If your phone is encrypted and you have disabled this protocol, you are barring their entrance.

How to ensure mobile phone encryption works?

You can check your phone's encryption status by opening its Setting app. From there you need to select the Security option. You can find ‘Encryption’ titled section containing the encryption status. If your phone is encrypted, it will show ‘encrypted’. If not, the status will show ‘encrypt device’.

Why should you take the help of professionals?

Few companies who create these encryption use the triple layer encryption technique. For your mobile phones, they create a 2048 bit secure sockets layer encryption between your apps and their respective servers. They secure your vault, your contact list and encrypt your camera and voice notes. Silent circle blackphone mentioned earlier employs similar concept but at a much higher level.

If there are technical eavesdropper in this field, technical saviours are also present who can help you with mobile phone encryption. These simple information and one help can easily take you and your mobile phone into an ‘encrypted’ zone!

Minh Vo is the author of this article on Ciphr Mail. Find more information, about Encrochat here


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