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BigCommerce is one of our favorite eCommerce platforms, especially for the newbies among us.
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BigCommerce is one of our favorite eCommerce platforms, especially for the newbies among us. You don’t need to be an expert in website design to create a solid BigCommerce store. However, all of the options it provides can tempt beginners to make use of as many elements as possible. This can make your online store overly busy and complicated. Here are some guidelines to help you stay strategic in your BigCommerce website design without getting carried away.

1.Know Your Brand: Before making any design decisions, the first step is to define your brand based on the products and experiences you are trying to sell. An online store for vintage and retro clothing would look a little strange with a colder, metallic theme. At the same time, a technology company should shy away from colors and fonts that come off as rustic or antique. Use BigCommerce website design to craft a site that is consistent with your product line.

2.Design With Your Customers In Mind: Ask yourself, who are your customers? While it would be great if you could sell to anyone, you’ll always have a target audience and need to keep track of who your actual buyers are. Avoid alienating your customers by ensuring that your site is appealing and appropriately intuitive to their demographics. If you aren’t sure where to start, imagine your site through the eyes of your customers and start building from there.

3.Maximize Accessibility: Different browsers are less of an issue than they used to be for web design, but compatibility issues can still arise. BigCommerce website design functions with all major browsers, but it’s important to be careful once you begin customizing your site to ensure proper display of all its elements. Perhaps even more importantly, fewer people are relying on computers. Your design should therefore be responsive so that mobile users can easily shop from their smartphones.

4.Keep It Clean: A cluttered website has many drawbacks. For instance, the more you have happening on each page, the longer it will take to load, leading to frustrated users who are then less likely to make a purchase. Additionally, illegible fonts and too many colors, images, or other elements make it difficult for potential customers to find the information they need. Focus on the key aspects of your brand and products that you want to highlight through your design, and then minimize the rest.

1Digital Agency is Here to Help You Streamline

Even with these principles in mind, it may still be hard to make decisions and understand the technical aspects of design. At 1Digital Agency, we can help you navigate these challenges. As certified BigCommerce partners we’re familiar with everything the platform has to offer and can prioritize which features to use based on your particular needs. Whether you are redesigning, migrating platforms, or starting from scratch, our designers are ready to help with your BigCommerce website design. Contact us to learn more and explore what we’ve done for other clients.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about Bigcommerce Website Design and Ecommerce Digital Agency for more information about design and development services visit: 1 Digital® Agency.


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