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This article explains various trends of 2015, It explains that the web is getting more beautiful and user-friendly day by day. Many design trends that we see today began years back, and we are watching them continue to evolve. The web is getting more beautiful and user-friendly Day by day .Responsive web design has become a need from last so many years .
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Five Hot Web Design Trends for 2015
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Five Hot Web Design Trends for 2015

As the web design   becoming highly complex and updated every year, it often leads to the introduction of new and recent techniques and trends, which continues to dominate the industry for a long period of time. So Many ideas get transformed into norms and become a significant part of our design techniques, whereas others are left behind and soon fade away. The past year revolutionized the web design industry in so many ways ,  as web designers came up with exciting and innovative techniques to give an interesting edge to their designs and let them stand out. Developers and Designers have adopted many groundbreaking trends and modernized techniques, which brought amazing and impressive transformation in the web design market. While every trend does not have the potential to sustain for a very long -time. Here we have some popular and admirable web design trends that one should look out for in 2015.

Responsive design

Having a responsive web design is a given in today’s times and no reason is good enough for not incorporating it into a website design. Rather than an option, it has become a need from last so many few years, without which the extent of a website remains, limited to a certain set of users. Responsive web design can be defined as ‘’one which is designed to adapt to whichever device or gadget it is used on .No matter it is a Smartphone , laptop, tablet or any other gadget , a responsive website can be viewed without affecting it looks  performance and presentation. This is the reason more and more websites like Web Designing Company in India are adapting for responsive designs and making it a new benchmark, rather than a trend.


 Ghost buttons

Counted among the most noticeable design features, most of the reasons make ghost buttons one of the important factor  in web design. Besides being visually superior, classy, elegant ,and minimal, these buttons also make a highly beneficial option for seeking the attention of shoppers. Such buttons serve the purpose in a subtle way. The effectiveness of ghost button improves even more when they are composed with large videos and images in background.

Beautiful And Large Background Images.

Other element which was quite popular and in demand in the previous year and is going to be huge in the 2015 is the presence of beautiful and large background images. And this is certainly the most amazing and attention seeking part of a website. These images and videos are significant way for displaying the content in a prominent way and making a website outstanding by attracting user’s attention. However, the trick is to choose an image that carries a relevant message and complement the title and theme of the website. Therefore there is an effective need of making a website unique and stylish , rather than clumsy and bulky. Such outstanding and amazing services can be adapted from best website development company in New Delhi , which provides prominent content with the elegant design..


Flat Design is Growing Up

Animations ruled the web design scene for some time, but customer prefer the simplicity of normal design more. The popularity of flat design has increased over the past few years and it will stay in 2015 as well. These days the number of people using hand held devices for browsing are increasing, therefore designers are focusing on elements which can create minimalistic and smooth appearance. Nowadays more and more companies are expected to opt a flat design in their upcoming projects.         

Interactive Storytelling

This has become the most prominent feature of websites. Creative visual storytelling is the new, rather than using big paragraphs or blocks of text for narrating the history of a company. The use of text need to be limited, while the use of icons, large images are preferred to be shared. Combining text with pictures and videos enhances its interactive performance; thus capturing the attention of users. The future of these trends will be decided by how well these are adopted and implemented by web designer.


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