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Don’t settle for sub-par templates for your Bigcommerce needs.
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Expressing Yourself Through Bigcommerce Custom Design
Sell and buy business online

Don’t settle for sub-par templates for your Bigcommerce needs. Turn to 1 Digital Agency for Bigcommerce custom designs to differentiate your website from your competitors. Our team can create a unique look for your Bigcommerce store that aligns with your brand and that relays your specific message to your target demographic. Our team of expert designers has had experience in the completion of over one hundred Bigcommerce SEO projects. In fact, every designer must undergo a rigorous certification process to become fully certified as a Bigcommerce partner before qualifying to work with you.

We can help you accomplish something most online businesses go without: an alluring Bigcommerce store for your customers. We customize the look and feel of your site to express your vision while giving the viewer what they want. 1 Digital Agency’s skilled designers know HTML, CSS and other popular code libraries and frameworks that allow you change even the smallest detail. You are able to easily produce themes that can be viewed on multiple platforms. Interactivity and ease-of-use extends through all devices; Bigcommerce custom designs can perform without fault on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Our designers aim to create interesting discovery experiences for customers visiting your online store. They incorporate faceted navigation to filter and sort products based on what is important to the shopper like sizes, prices, and brands. By focusing on creating a more user-friendly search navigation, potential buyers can find relevant products they are looking for faster and easier. Convert the browsing visitors of your Bigcommerce store into actual, paying customers. Our Bigcommerce custom designs will improve your online store’s advanced search capability to keep customers coming back and more importantly keep your customer acquisition costs low.

Be Ahead Of The Game

In order to be competitive, you brand needs to execute a multi-channel strategy to maintain customer awareness, help generate sales, and reach new audiences. Bigcommerce is a major channel for businesses that are looking to establish themselves online. At 1 Digital Agency, we drive customers to your website by customizing the layout to appeal to your business’s main shoppers. We give you the opportunity to add relevant content to your Bigcommerce store through blogs and landing pages for your promotions. It is important to understand the type of website design that is best suited for the target audience you are pursuing.

The shopping experience needs to match the type of expectations of your particular customer. For the customer segments who enjoy browsing through large inventories looking for deals, you should provide them with the ability to filter attributes that they are searching for. Our Bigcommerce custom designers know to focus on providing helpful tools like advanced search to easily find information. Presentation is key for customers who are looking for specific products from a limited product selection.

We can customize the presentation of your products to keep shoppers engaged for a longer period of time with a higher rate of purchases and overall spending. Our team of designers can incorporate high-quality pictures, videos, and other interactive effects that help demonstrate how the product works or looks. Don’t try to do everything by yourself, enlist the help of true professionals. Have some questions?  Are you interested in getting some more information? Contact us for everything Bigcommerce custom design.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about Bigcommerce Custom Design and Bigcommerce Designer for more information about design and development services visit: 1 Digital® Agency.


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