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A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a communication process to allow a computer program cause a procedure to execute in another address space without a program providing the explicit details.
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Expert Computer Repair to Fix 'the remote procedure call failed' Error in Windows Page Rank 9 Top Articles
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brookmperry on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 03:13:42, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
Expert Computer Repair to Fix 'the remote procedure call failed' Error in Windows
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A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a communication process to allow a computer program cause a procedure to execute in another address space without a program providing the explicit details. An error known as “remote procedure fail error” sometimes occurs that is mostly experienced due to system files misplacement or even misconfiguration in the computer. The Remote Procedure call failed error is the most critical error that affects our system's effective operations.

The remote call procedure failed errors take place majorly due to the damaged Windows system file. Some of these errors that can lead to deletion in the Windows system files, and then the corrupted system will lead to wrong or even missing files required for the system to work effectively. Some of the reasons for the error include:

1. Improper installation of the software, hence gets installed incompletely.

2 Failure to fully uninstall a software from the computer hence leaving some files to remain on the computer.

3. Shutting down of the computer without following the laid down procedures can lead to dislocations of the system files.

4. When PC gets attacked by the virus and attached to the system files and while cleaning the antivirus deletes these system files because it recognizes those as viruses.

Fixing the Remote Procedure Call Failed Error

We can carry out the computer repairs for the Remote Procedure call by either troubleshooting the problem through the manual procedure or by letting the computer repair on its own using the automatic repair method:

Manual Fixing

When carrying out the manual fixing, ensure that you log into computer as an administrator before starting the PC repair service.

1. Start button>>go to Programs>> accessories>>system tools>> then click on the system restore button.

2. Click the button to carry out system restore to the last working previous state then proceed to the next step.

3. Choose the restore point that is most recent and that worked correctly then proceed to the next process.

4. Make the confirmation and then proceed to the next step.


5. Wait for the system restoration to finish then carry out restart on the computer.

System restore is important since it takes the computer to the last correctly working state. It also ensures that the system registry files are placed back in place so that the computer can be in operational effectively and efficiently.

Automatic Update

To update the system,  you should also use third party applications to scan the computer’s registry and carry out PC repairs to the broken registry entries. Add the missing system files that are causing the remote procedure call errors. When carrying out the automatic repair:

1. Download the remote procedure called fix repair utility

2. Install the program to completion and let it do the registry scanning on itself.

3. Once the scanning gets over, click on 'fix errors' button and let it do the fixing and when it request for download of missing files allow it to do the downloading.

4. When the scan runs to completion, it is necessary to restart the computer to allow the effects of the changes.

Benefit and Role of Computer Repair in Solving Remote Procedure Call fail Error

It is highly advisable for an individual or a company to choose a PC repair service on their so as to solve remote call errors since it will have so much benefits to them. Some of these benefits include:

1. Carrying out these repairs save on cost since it is done by individual without having to call the experts to do the repair.

2. It will save the user time since they can easily fix the error and provide the solution rather than continually waiting for help.

3. Following the guides above makes the user familiar with the troubleshooting procedure hence can easily fix.

5. Equips an individual with basic tips on what to do in case of a computer breakdown.


Carrying out these repairs just requires the user having the above guides in solving the errors, and they will be able to handle these errors. These are the common and you must know computer repair, PC service and troubleshooting tips since these are the common day to day PC errors.


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