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In the current scenario everyone likes to have an uninterrupted driving experience. You might be planning for a long drive and if your vehicle stops on the way even after the service you will feel annoyed.
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In the current scenario everyone likes to have an uninterrupted driving experience. You might be planning for a long drive and if your vehicle stops on the way even after the service you will feel annoyed. You should get rid of your minor repairs in an authorized service center for better results. Dan’s auto center is the best place for car maintenance and other vehicle problems. Do not hesitate to drive your car to this center to enjoy the best results from their service. You will be happy with their optimum service and technical skills of the employees.Dan’s auto service provides the ideal auto repair services in Lake Oswego and Portland from the year 1989.

Facilities provided

Dan’s auto service takes care of your vehicle and repairs them rightly such that you must not face the same flaw in future. They are experts in suspension repair, check engine light repair etc. They also take care of your tires if it is worn out. They provide you with new tires with the guarantee period. You can relax leaving behind the vehicle in their center for best care.

Repair the faults which you might face while driving. It is the best center to identify the problems and they provide you with best solution. You need not worry about the expenses. Dan’s auto center renders their services at affordable rates. Drive in to their place immediately if you are not comfortable while you are driving. It is a wise practice to prevent serious flaws before it becomes worse.

Best service

Once you have enjoyed the service provided by Dan’s auto center you would not regret in your life time. It is the best place to take care of your vehicles without any depreciation. You might feel bad if you face the same problem even after the service.You will not experience such inconvenience as the service given will be guaranteed for few months from their service period.

They have skilled employees to approach the problem in a systematic way. Do not panic if your vehicle doesn’t start it might be a small repair which could be easily identified by the talented employees in Dan’s auto center. It is the best place for all types of vehicles. They used to repair all branded cars like Nissan, ford, Toyota, Kia etc.The employees were skilled to handle all branded cars.They are technically skilled and know about the working of all the cars.They possess a flawless knowledge about the cars and other vehicles for better service.


Your valuable vehicles should be repaired in a reliable place for safe driving. You must be confident with the mechanic who handles your vehicles. Here is the solution for your search. Drive in to Dan’s auto service for all types of services. Your vehicles will be safely handed over to you as per your expectation. You need not worry about its parts and maintenance everything will be attended well for proper working by Dan’s auto center

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