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Losing data from any device is an agonizing experience. Sometimes it is data that is urgently needed for example for a presentation at work or data that is very sentimental like pictures with a loved one who has passed on.
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NorlanL on Thursday, January 21, 2016, 04:05:57, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
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Losing data from any device is an agonizing experience. Sometimes it is data that is urgently needed for example for a presentation at work or data that is very sentimental like pictures with a loved one who has passed on. Data loss is a sad fact of digital life and it is important to know how to minimize it and recover from it when it happens.

What causes data loss?

There are several causes of data loss but basically they can be broken into:

• Loss of the  device holding the data

• Physical damage of the device 

• Accidental or malicious deletion

• Corruption of the data

Loss of passcodes

You can recover data from the last two with varying degrees of success while you can only insure against malicious deletion and device loss by backing up the data. For damaged devices, if the USB ports and disks are not damaged, recovery can be attempted. 

Accidental deletion and corruption of data is a very common occurrence. Corruption is mostly caused by malware like viruses and Trojans. When data loss occurs from accidental deletion or corruption we can attempt recovery by:

• Running antimalware software like antivirus to clear the malware and leave the original data

• Run software such asIPhone recovery software which works by piecing together the lost data.

Good data recovery software allows you to hook up your IPhone to the computer, do a scan and recover the data.

Features of good data recovery software

While numerous data recovery software exist, you must consider the features of the software you intend to install.  Some to look out for are:

• Data recovery for data that has been lost by various ways – Data should be recovered regardless of whether it was lost by corruption, device damage, lost in the cloud or by loss of passcode. Good recovery software should have means of retrieving the data it if it exists.

• Support for multiple devices - If you need to recover data from an IPhone, it is likely that you also have a Mac. Get software that supports a wide range of devices just in case you will need to recover from another device in the future.

• A preview function - Previewing what you intend to recover is important as it prevents you recovering files that you did not need. If it enables you to scan and preview what you need, the better.

• Simple to use - You may not be very techie and maybe possess average computer skills. What you need is software you can install, hook up your IPhone to your computer and recover the data in a guided manner. The best IPhone data recovery software should be able to do that. 

• Cheap – you do not have to break the bank to recover your data. While cheap is expensive, look for a balance in between.

Data loss from your IPhone should not spell doom for you in the future. Just look for the appropriate data recovery software.

Norlan Lee is the author of this article on data recovery iphone. Find more information, about iphone recovery tool here


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