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Kanda Shasthi celebration of South India is somewhat like Durga Puja in Bengal, an incident of victory over asura by Murugan- Lord Kartika, the son of Devi Durga.
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kiukart on Thursday, August 25, 2016, 07:14:11, 1 Year Ago, Comments [1]
Cosmopolitanism along with Ethnicity in South Indian Silk Sarees
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India is a highly spiritual country. These spiritualities carry deeper meaning with it. Imbued with deep inner meaning, the multifaceted celebration of Indian festivals adds feather to the joy of their lives. These festival celebrations have special astrological or mythological references. Indians have deep faith in these mythologies. Fasting, performing special pujas, etc, having full faith in these mythologies, Indians believe will bring about several benefits in their lives.

Indians should either be completely at their gross level or be extremely subtle in Indian tradition, seeking Indian celebrations through divinity. Hence, if someone wants prosperity, one worships Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity. If one wants knowledge, one must worship Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. Though Indians ultimately believe in one Supreme Divine Entity, to meet the differing needs and mindsets, the different aspects of the Supreme are worshipped as different gods and goddesses. Therefore, for celebrating the epitome of good over evil, Indians must participate in Diwali or Durga Puja.

Out of the several festivals celebrated around India all throughout the year, Durga Puja is a major event in Bengali calendar. Bengal reunites in celebration and rejoices to their heart’s content during this time. And a Bengal’s love and passion for this festival cannot be explained in words. When a fellow Bengali is asked about the specialities of Durga puja, he or she will first have a hearty laughter and will ask back the non – specialities of this celebration. Yes, those five days are extremely scintillating and enthusiastic.

This the best time for the Bengalis across the world to reunite themselves with their friends and families in various ways. The Puja fever captures the heart of every Bengali across the world irrespective of age, caste, class and gender. With incomprehensible emotions of togetherness the Bengalis welcome Goddess Durga with her children, along with the mighty demon Mahisasura.

Mostly celebrated in the various cities of Bengal, a Bengali’s craziness for this festival starts habitually, with marks of the day of Mahalaya, which is the dawn of Devi – Paksha with New Year.

Along with the home – coming of the mother goddess with her children from the heavenly abode, millions of non – resident Bengalis residing whether outside Kolkata or outside the country come back home to Kolkata, during this time of the year. They leave their busy schedules and deadlines behind just to come back to the “City of Joy”, to be the part of the joy of the city.

Kolkata’s festive celebrations sometimes blend with the cultural colours of various cities in India. The non – resident Bengalis sometimes bring in their Non – Bengali friends along with them to celebrate this tradition together.

The celebration of good over evil is not confined to Durga Puja. People celebrate these positive vibes across the country. South Indian festivals mainly harp on festival of harvesting. But, South Indians fast on Kanda Shasthi celebration. The mythology related to this festival reach the pinnacle of Indian souls. This celebration is somewhat like Durga Puja in Bengal, an incident of victory over asura by Murugan- Lord Kartika, the son of Devi Durga.

During this festival, the South Indians have to fast. This fasting period is considered sacred. This signifies triumph of God’s consciousness within the souls. God’s consciousness brings forward many possibilities to overcome hurdles in the people’s lives, thus preparing one to receive pure energy. With purity in their souls, South Indians feel innate with Durga Puja festival in Bengal, the extended celebration of Kanda Shasthi. Cultures also come together when fashion blends. Hence, the celebrations of Bengal merge into the royalty of South Indian culture with traditional sheen of South Indian Silk sarees.

Traditional South Indian Silk Sarees has always taken the pride in the cultural celebration of Durga puja in Bengal. And today the Durga Puja celebration is illuminated with the gorgeous colours and royalty of South Indian Silk fashion.



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