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The advent of effective cosmetic procedure like hair transplantation have raised many queries and curiosities among people. So if you have decided to undergo it, there many be many facts that you can be unaware of. The article highlights a few vital facts that you need to know about it. Read more...
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paulsonline on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 13:14:46, 2 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
Considering Hair Transplantation? Here are a Crucial Few Facts to Know
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Contemplating for hair transplantation as a hair restoration procedure is the most ideal way to regain both hair and confidence. But there are many things and facets about this procedure that you must be unaware of. Here are a few crucial facts that are worth-knowing for a patient.

Fact 1# The technique of hair transplantation involves extracting hair from the back of the scalp and implanting them on the thinning zone or region of baldness. Hair is preferably taken from the back or side of the scalp because it is resistant to DHT. During this hair restoration procedure following factors are considered:

    Laxity of the scalp: Indicates whether the scalp is loose or tight in nature. If the scalp is loose and flexible extracting hair becomes easier.

    Density of hair: Refers to the amount of hair follicles that grows each square centimeter of the scalp

    Quality of the donor sites: The donor sites should have sufficient hair and resistant to DHT. Many clinics who provide hair transplant in Delhi at first detect the quality of donor hair before undertaking the treatment. To evaluate a person’s hair in the donor site many factors are considered. At first a person’s scalp is examined by using a densitometer, an equipment that expands a part of the scalp to take exact measurements of hair density.

Fact 2# Hair transplantation works best on coarse hair with more coverage. Those with curly hair can also expect to get the best results from this awesome treatment. The surgeon has his work cut out if the individual undergoing the treatment has hair that is straight and lies close to the scalp. In such a case, he or she will get negligible coverage for baldness. Similarly a person with dark skin and dark tresses can benefit highly from this hair restoration technique. If a patient has fair complexion with blonde or light-colored tresses, then he/she may not get natural-looking results.

Fact 3# Facial shape and features of hairline are taken into consideration during this cosmetic procedure. For natural looking results after the surgery, the surgeon has to take these things into account so that the transplanted hair blends perfectly with the actual shape and outline of the scalp. Clinics offering hair transplant in Delhi take all these factors into account to produce a pleasing and eye-catching results for a patient.

Fact 4# The hair transplantation surgery lasts for three hours and about 250 grafts are transplanted on the patient’s scalp. Everything depends on the extent of the baldness. Moderately bald persons may require 1000 grafts to entirely camouflage his/her thinning zone.

Fact 5# The results after the surgery is normal and natural.

After few weeks of the surgery, the transplanted hair will come out and new hair will start growing inside three months . The tempo or rate at which the new hair will start to grow is 6-13 mm every month.

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