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Your PC is your most helpful productivity companion, but sometimes you may get annoyed with its sluggish behavior. Computer viruses, uncertain PC problems, and spontaneous system errors may force you to sit idle for long, resulting in hampering your daily productivity.
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Computer Repair Tips to Fix the “Server Execution Failed” Error
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Your PC is your most helpful productivity companion, but sometimes you may get annoyed with its sluggish behavior. Computer viruses, uncertain PC problems, and spontaneous system errors may force you to sit idle for long, resulting in hampering your daily productivity. The "Server Execution Failed” error is one of them that can hamper your work. Read the article below to understand how you can repair the error on your Windows PCs.

Windows OS is popular among users globally for its amazing productivity, high-end security features, and incorporation of many free applications. You might have got recommendations from PC technicians to maintain your computers and programs periodically. Since Windows is prone to a variety of threats and computer viruses, you may get an infection without receiving any prior warning or notification. Repairing Windows issues can be tiresome, but the situation becomes worse when you perform a wrong computer repair tip and damage your devices accidently. You can browse the web and look for some self-help IT solutions guide to fix your PC back to a normal working state.

Read this article further to understand why the "Server Execution Failed” error occurs on your Windows PC and how you can repair it without taking help from computer technicians:

Case1: Error on Microsoft Site Server Version 3.0

You may confront the error message while installing Microsoft Site Server version 3.0. Since Microsoft has stopped releasing security patches and updates for this product, you will require applying some specialized computer repair tips to fix the issue. You may receive the error message at least eight times during the creation of the virtual root and servers. The reason for its occurrence is that the system package in ‘Microsoft Transaction Server’ version 2.0 gets configured for a specific user rather than being installed for an Interactive User.

Additionally, the error code will get combined with some other functions of your PC and may present the following error message while installing the Microsoft Commerce Server (Commerce Edition):

“Microsoft Site Server

Cannot create Web project


Error: 80080005

Server execution failed.”

Computer Support Steps to Resolve the Error Code

  1. Click Start -> Programs, and ->Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.
  2. Now, navigate to ‘Microsoft Internet Information Server,’ and click ‘Internet Service Manager.’
  3. Double-click the ‘Microsoft Transaction Server’ object to continue.
  4. Double-click the ‘Computers’ icon and click ‘OK’ on the error dialog that appears.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm resetting the ‘Identity’ field to ‘Interactive User.’
  6. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes and close ‘Internet Service Manager.’
  7. Now, go ahead and reinstall Microsoft Site Server version 3.0 and Microsoft Commerce Server (Commerce Edition) to start using your Windows PC normally.

Case2: Error Occurs While Running MSGraph Program

You may get the "OLE Error Code 0x80080005 Server Execution Failed" error on your computer while running a manually written MSGraph program. The error will occur on your Windows device if you have "@" symbol in the name of your computer. You will experience the error code on Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0b Standard Edition, and Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 Standard Edition.

Steps that PC Technicians Will Apply to Resolve the Issue

  1. Right-click the ‘Network Neighborhood’ icon and click the ‘Properties’ option from the menu that appears.
  2. Click the ‘Identification’ tab.
  3. The ‘Computer Name’ box will appear.
  4. Remove the "@" symbol from the name of your computer.
  5. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes and restart the computer.
  6. Now, open the ‘Command’ window and run the ‘Graph1.prg’ program to confirm that the issue got resolved.
  7. If the MSGraph Bar chart appears on the screen, it simply means that you can now run a manually written MSGraph program on your Windows PC.
  8. If you’re not able to change the name of your computer, then resolve the issue by conducting a proper network operation.

Why You Require Availing Online PC Support?

Since PCs are prone to uncertain problems and threats, you will need an expert to take care of your system when they experience unforeseen issues. Online PC technicians are readily available 24/7 to repair your faulty PCs and offer immense support for virus removal, update install, and other regular computing issues. Many a times, you may feel that the computing errors are tricky to repair, and you cannot resume your computing operations before resolving them.


Online PC support engineers play a vital role in repairing your computer remotely and fixing diversified system issues online. It is agreeable that they will charge certain amount as repairing fee, but making the payment is worth for the services you get online. Therefore, first try to fix the problem personally, if not resolved, get in touch with your remote IT solutions expert and enjoy stress-free computing environment.


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