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Everyday millions of calls are placed all over the world. And every call witnesses the same process – picking up the phone, dialing the number, listening for the dial tone, communicate and hang up.
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IsaacAllan on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 07:08:06, 3 Yaers Ago, Comments [0]
Bring Down Your Calling Costs with LCR and SIP Termination
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Everyday millions of calls are placed all over the world. And every call witnesses the same process – picking up the phone, dialing the number, listening for the dial tone, communicate and hang up. There is no dimension to the actual process. However, at the end of the month, the customer pays a bill charged with the the corresponding call charges according to the minutes he utilized on the call. Yet, when it comes to businesses, communication is a major cost saving area. This is why it is important for a business to focus on the process of determining how one is charged for all the calls made. For a customer including businesses, finding an affordable quality provider is the priority. But, it goes beyond that. There is an extensive process that telephone companies use to determine what a customer pays for a call to particular destination. Least Cost Routing is a service that helps phone companies remains competitive in the market. This is also the service that can help business owners save and control their
voice traffic without an intermediary, but if they only know how.

What is Least Cost Routing?

LCR is simply the practice of finding the shortest most cost effective route to place calls. It involves a streamline process of analyzing, selecting and organizing a call on any platform. The service allows for selecting the most inexpensive route outside the reach of the provider’s network.

Businesses have the option of automating and managing their voice traffic with the help of LCR software. Even though most carriers provide for a dedicated team to manage and route calls on LCR. A software gives more control, customization and analyzing of one’s voice traffic.

Some of the advantages an LCR software offers over traditional carrier LCR service are:

Users have real time control of their voice traffic for all calls and can analyze the strategy and data accordingly. Users have the option to select and deselect any number of carriers they like.

Users also receive full control over SIP termination and origination resulting in higher accuracy and optimized placement of calls. Termination roués include a variety of platforms such as NPA, LATA, NPA-NXX, OCN, State, Center Rate etc.

Choose from among the large list of carriers for particular destinations. Micro-level exclusion is facilitated for this purpose. Price sorted routes and failover configuration that helps place calls through the most inexpensive route while maintaining quality of calls and success rate.

Cost reducing technical practices such as inclusion of major RBOC, CLEC, and wireless and cable operators. This means there voice calls to mobile networks, landlines and even VOiP can be placed.

The extensive customization options allows user to plan, organize and analyze their strategy down to every call. Apart from cost saving, businesses can ensure faster and better quality customer service. Local Routing Number is another feature that comes bundled with this service. It helps in eliminating cost inducing calls by routing more accurately that dialed digits saving up to 33% of normal cost rates. For individuals and business owners alike, LCR is a huge incentive and is an ideal option to being down communication costs.





thinQ is a communication software provider that focuses on providing seamless and customizable calling solution. Their service is geared to integrating LCR ad SIP termination and providing customers complete control of their outbound voice calls.


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