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The locks are one of the oldest security systems that humanity has systems that were created to protect everything that was on the outside.

Over the years the locks have been changing, creating more modern models, which can be opened by only a select group of people. This type of locks are characterized by the application of new technologies .

One of the most modern locks that can be found at present, are the biometric fingerprint locks .

The use of the lock

The locks fingerprint is characterized by a small knob where it gets the tread and the lock opens. With this security system only few people can enter the room.

This lock works with a digitized system , where the keys are in second place and where the fingerprint scanner is the main tool. This type of locks can be very expensive, so it is used only by those who store objects of great commercial value or by those with the monetary capacity to give themselves this small whim.

Access key in case of failure

If you have some sort of problem with the fingerprint , the user can enter the room using the numeric keypad lock, which is written a special key, which is used in case of emergency.

These keys are secret and only have the owner of the lock and in some cases the company that controls the system.

There are times when the locks come with an extra key, a single copy, which can be used in case there is some problem with the fingerprint . This key does not come with all fingerprint locks, so be aware of the secondary mechanisms of the lock purchased.

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