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Bigcommerce is one of the most reliable and complete eCommerce platforms today. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that over 50,000 businesses use it to power their online stores. With that in mind, it becomes an obvious choice if you are just starting out.  The things that really stand out about BigCommerce are its simplicity and versatility. It offers a variety of front-end and back-end features that make website designing a breeze. At 1 Digital Agency, we often recommend BigCommerce to our....
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Web Development: How Shopify Makes It Easy At first glance, web development may seem like a simple task, but in reality there are a wide variety of avenues that web development can go down. From using HTML, to CSS, to Shopify’s own language, Liquid, just getting started can be a daunting undertaking. Luckily, with the help of 1Digital’s web development teams, your website can become as beautiful and functional as your business needs. Doing research and pouring through the vast sea of information about web development can take years to....
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The Anatomy of a Ecommerce Digital Agency The online world is full of buzzwords these days. Without context, some of them may seem silly or even completely meaningless. What’s a “digital influencer”? What does it mean if an eCommerce site has a high “bounce rate”? And what does a company mean when they call themselves a “digital agency”? The easiest explanation is that the last one is a group of people that can help you figure out the first two and a lot of other lingo. Let’s go a little deeper, though,....
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BigCommerce is one of our favorite eCommerce platforms, especially for the newbies among us. You don’t need to be an expert in website design to create a solid BigCommerce store. However, all of the options it provides can tempt beginners to make use of as many elements as possible. This can make your online store overly busy and complicated. Here are some guidelines to help you stay strategic in your BigCommerce website design without getting carried away. 1. Know Your Brand : Before making any design....
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Expressing Yourself Through Bigcommerce Custom Design Don’t settle for sub-par templates for your Bigcommerce needs. Turn to 1 Digital Agency for Bigcommerce custom designs to differentiate your website from your competitors. Our team can create a unique look for your Bigcommerce store that aligns with your brand and that relays your specific message to your target demographic. Our team of expert designers has had experience in the completion of over one hundred Bigcommerce SEO projects. In fact, every designer must undergo a rigorous certification process....
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