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Submission Guidelines
Practice makes man perfect: While studying, there is an essential need of making a perfect use of any sample paper, practice exams, or study guides that are available to you. You will come across to many instructors who will mention such resources at some point during the course.
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  1. Practice makes man perfect: While studying, there is an essential need of making a perfect use of any sample paper, practice exams, or study guides that are available to you. You will come across to many instructors who will mention such resources at some point during the course.


  1. Analyze your class notes: Many MCQ asks Questions about material that was covered during lectures and many of them would be general knowledge questions and answers that may or may not appear in the course textbook. Pay attention to exam hints that your instructor might mention during your class.


  1. Frame your time accordingly: First of all start answer those questions that you feel confident about .Mark those questions that causes you trouble and come back to them afterwards. Using such criterion will definitely permit you to go through all of the test questions and it gives you a chance to decide between various questions and to jog your memory. For managing your time limit you can practice online gk quiz .


  1. Read all the questions very carefully: In every examination or quiz competition there are certain limits set for the examination. And time limit of exam may make you feel that speed is very essential for scoring good. If you keep the idea of high speed in mind , then it may cause you to skip some simple words that are essential to figure out exactly what’s being asked in the examination set. Therefore take time and read each question with concentration.


You are required to figure out each thing, which is spoken in the exam. Spending extra time on the questions will reduce the time taken to opt an answer. For this you may practice online gk quiz which is going on at webz-qstar and there you gets a chance of winning online scholarship of Rs 50,000


  1. Identify key words: Underlining keywords may help you to understand the exact meaning of questions. The right  answer may match certain part of the question. So pay special extra special attention to superlatives (“best,” “most,”), negatives (“neither,” “none,” “not,”) and qualifiers (“often,” “usually,” “may,” “generally.”). Similarly, multiple-choice questions containing (“every,” “always,” “never,”) are often wrong, as they need to be an undeniable fact.

 Pick before peeking: It’s a great way of answering any question .Before looking the options that are provided below the question, try to recall the answer of the questions in your head and then have a look if it’s in the list of alternative option that are given to you. You will surprise to know that you already know the answers. Try not look at the answers while solving the Q.


  1. Strategic segregate: If the answer you thought would not be listed in the given alternatives, do not jump out at you as being the right one, start to eliminate the wrong choices. Try to recognize the selection you made , try to identify two partner choices—two answers that are either identical or opposites with the exception of a few words. At the end you will come across the write answer, as one of these alternatives will definitely ne the right one.

 8    Trust your aptitude- even if you need to change your chosen answer:       Although you are probably been said to be with your initial impression , it’s alright if you further change your chosen answer. If you strongly feel that one more response would be the right one. It’s a myth to be with your first impression, but try that you won’t emphasize yourself for the second guess too much. Stand your change upon your reasoning, not your feeling.

  9. Stay far from the numbers game: When we comes to multiple choice, playing   the odds rarely pays off. When everything else fails, the answer isn’t always “C.” In the same way, just because the last three answers were “D” doesn’t mean the next one won’t be as well. If you have to guess, do your best and then pick the one you feel most confident about.

 10. Learn from the mistakes you made: Once you are done with your examination, give a few minutes to review your mistakes. Try to identify whether you answered correctly or incorrectly. And make a quick check on it.


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